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December, 2017

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With the coming of cold weather, the Viroqua Water Utility is encouraging owners of
homes, apartment buildings and business’ to protect their internal water systems from the
possibility of freezing.
Owners and occupants should make sure that areas of the structure where the water pipes
and meters are located are protected from the cold and are properly heated. Heat should
be kept at no less than 50 degrees in basements wherever pipes and meters are located.
Homeowners are encouraged to make sure basement doors and windows are closed
tightly and that heat is allowed to flow freely around water meters. Winter winds whistling
through overlooked openings can quickly freeze exposed water pipes. Leave doors
open under sinks or other closed areas to help circulate the warm air, especially those
located on any outside walls. Know where your master shutoff valve is located-before an
emergency occurs. Please drain any outside faucets to keep from freezing. Never leave a
hose connected to them during the winter months.
Any unoccupied buildings should be checked regularly to make sure heat is maintained if
water systems have not been shut off and drained. Have a trusted friend or relative check
the property regularly if you’re unable to check it yourself. If you flush the toilet, make sure
it stops completely. We often see properties that are vacant during winter months to have
high water usage when the toilet is flushed but doesn’t turn off as expected.
If the Viroqua Utility issues a “running water notice” we will notify customers by our local
media. Our local media listings are the Vernon County Broadcaster, Radio Stations WVRQ
102.3 FM, WKPO 105.9 FM, WVRQ 1360 AM, WDRT 91.9 and the City of Viroqua website,
If customers have a hydrant on or near their property, please take a few minutes to
clear away the snow. Unobstructed access to fire hydrants is critical in the event of a fire
Thank you for your cooperation with the Viroqua Utilities Department.


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