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TIME TO PAWS WITH ANNIE My heart still hurts every time I think about Nellie—and I think of her A LOT! I’ve put on a brave face for Gram figurin’ we can get through it together. My whole family has been so touched by your kindness. We’ve received so many cards, e-mails, calls & visits. It sure warms my heart that I have so many friends & peoples who love me! Thank You!! XXXOOO Nels was a character beyond words. She was fiercely loyal to her peoples, but very slow to warm up to most. Yet, when you had her, you had her whole heart! Somehow, I’ve gotten the reputation as a sweetheart. Oh, I try, yet it was Nels who outwardly showed her affection to her inner circle. Gram could never put down a food bowl without receiving a special Nels smooch. I certainly appreciate the food bowl, but frankly I tend to be more interested in the contents of the dish at the time, rather than giving kisses! Nels had literally dozens of babies that she carried EVERYWHERE! She had home babies, cabin babies, office babies, & truck babies! She liked to growl at peoples, but if you ignored her she would have to push her baby at you…but then turn her head so you couldn’t touch the baby! She was always a trickster who was full of fun & a great deal of mischief! Her paw print is on my heart forever! Whenever Nels got a treat Gram would ask her to say please & Nels would bark. But, oh my if Gram wasn’t fast enough in the delivery the “saying please” got louder & faster! For my special this week you can GET 30% OFF ALL DOG AND CAT TREATS IN STOCK!! Just tell the cashier- Life is short, Eat treats!

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