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ShE believed ShE could, so ShE did... Jenny BEFORE Jenny AFTER This was me, by the choices I was making and the lifestyle I lived. My Journey started 5 years ago when I put all my excuses aside and decided I deserved better! NO CHARGE Over the course of our program, I lost 85 pounds! Now I am here to help you achieve your health goals, just as I did. No guilt – no hard sells, just WEEKLY us working together to help you live life as you deserve - healthy and happy. Here is my story: WEIGH-INS! My name is Jenny, I have been working at Simply Chiropractic for over 7 years. Little did I know that it was going to be the best career move for me back then. I had not always been overweight. I grew up on a small dairy farm near Spring Valley, WI. I was very active in helping on the farm my whole life in between being active in sports. I was very fit all through my high school years. When I went on to college, I was as not as active in sports and I continued to work on the farm as I completed my schooling. Once I graduated college and found a job in the corporate world, I did not have much time for my sports, nor was I able to spend as much time helping out at the farm. That’s That’ when I started to gain weight. Driving to and from the cities and spending much time sitting at a desk for 40+ hours a week was a big life change for me. I just continued my eating habits in which I grew up on. With little physical activity compared to being very active, I found myself becoming overweight and inflamed. I found I was always in NO pain and felt wore down and tired. This is what led me to Simply Chiropractic. I was a patient at Simply Chiropractic for 2+ years before I applied CHARGE for an office position with them. I would get adjusted a couple times a week! I started working for Simply Chiropractic in 2010 in the spring of FOR 2012 I decided to try the weight loss program we offered to patients. I just wanted to lose 10-15lbs. I started our program on Memorial Day MEETINGS! weekend and moved onto our maintenance phase by Labor Day weekend. During those 3 months, I lost 45lbs! Once I moved into maintenance, I was able to use key factors from our program to lose another 40 lbs within the next 6 months! Holy Cow! I never dreamed I had 85lbs to lose. Now, I look back at these photos and I can’t can’ believe that was me… I was so inflamed and puffy. No wonder I was in pain! You can do anything you set your mind to—If you have the right mindset and set goals, you can obtain and maintain anything you want. Train your brain to do the right things. I will be the first to tell you, I could think of a million reasons to eat uncontrollably and unhealthy and gain all my weight back. I choose not to, I choose to feel good, not ache, and live a healthier lifestyle. Even after losing my father back in 2015, 5 months before my wedding, I have still managed to maintain my weight loss and not gain it back. That is almost 6 years that I have been down 85lbs and now I cannot imagine my life any other way. I am happy that I can crawl out of bed pain free at age 30, I can run around my yard and garden and do the things that I love pain free! That is something I could not say at age 22-24. Over the years here at Simply Chiropractic, I have helped many people lose weight and reach their health goals! I have lived and breathed the diet—our program works if you set your mind to it! I look forward to helping people feel as good as I do. Mentally and physically – It’s rewarding! I am committed to helping you reach your health goals in 2018. We can help you turn into who you are in your mind. Wee help you with 6 years of experience, one on one assistance, support, and two doctors licensed in Nutrition. If now is your time, call 715.233.1867 today! NO Now, thru February 14, 2018, start our program for $99. This will get you everything you need to begin your journey. CHARGE Come to one of our no pressure informational classes set up specifically for this advertised special. 24/7 They will be held on January 16 and January 23 at 6:00PM in our office. Please call and tell Jenny you SUPPORT! are ready for the changes you deserve to be healthy, and you want to attend a meeting. (Meeting is not required to start the program, but will certainly help you succeed!) 2303 Schneider Avenue Menomonie, WI 54751 Call 715.233.1867 Now

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