RIZE Nutrition presented its second quarterly RIZE & Shine Award —to recognize and financially support a person or organization who is making a positive impact on the community and the world — to Pink Box Society.

Pink Box Society was presented with a certificate and check for $150. Sisters and co-founders, Heather Wittig and Jenni Patnode, are using their new underwear company to help women in third world countries millions of whom can lose up to five days of their normal life each month due to lack of feminine hygiene products and underwear to help manage their monthly cycle.

As a part of the Pink Box Society members get a pair of underwear shipped to them once a month, while another pair is given to a female in a third world country.

Jenni and Heather have been working with mission teams to develop Hygiene Headquarters in Honduras where underwear and feminine products will be produced and distributed. The money from the award will be used to purchase fabric for the headquarters where they teach local women to sew reusable pads and liners to distribute to women in neighboring villages.


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Dunn County News editor

Barbara Lyon is the editor of The Dunn County News in Menomonie, WI.

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