Michael Jorden jersey

This signed Michael Jordan jersey — signed for a 6-year-old daughter suffering from a life-threatening disease — was stolen from a Rock Creek family’s following a fire on Oct. 11.

A family treasure, a signed Michael Jordan jersey, was stolen following a house fire in Rock Creek and is believed to have been sold by looters. The Dunn County Sheriff’s Office is requesting the public’s assistance in helping to recover the jersey.

Cherished by the family is a red #45 Jordan jersey signed for their six-year-old daughter who was suffering from a life-threatening disease. The family received the jersey through the “Make A Wish” Foundation.

The fire that displaced the family from the residence took place on Wednesday, Oct. 11.

A family member who arrived at the house in the early morning hours of Thursday, Nov. 2 discovered two men there with a vehicle.

When asked what they were doing, they replied that they were “looting the house” and left with a garbage can filled with items. As part of what continues to be an ongoing investigation, one of the men was taken into custody.

Anyone who recently purchased the framed Jordan jersey or has information about it is asked to contact the sheriff’s office or report anonymously at dunncocrimestoppers.com.

Jordan wore the number 45 for 22 games after returning to the NBA from a stint in minor league baseball. For the rest of his basketball career, he wore number 23.


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Barbara Lyon is the editor of The Dunn County News in Menomonie, WI.

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