A teenage girl was found guilty of a felony charge of making terroristic threats at Menomonie High School, after a note was found in the girls bathroom on Nov. 14, 2017.

She is currently awaiting sentencing, according to a statement by the Dunn County District Attorney’s Office Wednesday afternoon.

In the statement it was reported that the girl admitted to placing a note in the bathroom. The Dunn County News reported in December 2017 that the note read, “I’m going to shoot up this (expletive) school.”

The school was locked down that day due to the threat, and students were escorted to the bathroom or their lockers.

This incident occurred during a string of local incidents within a week of each other last fall at Eau Claire Memorial High School and Chippewa Falls Senior High School, where threatening notes were found in bathrooms.

In the Chi-Hi incidents, a series of four notes referencing weapons and bombs were found in both the boys and girls restrooms.

According to a statement by the Dunn County District Attorney Andrea Nodolf ... a juvenile defendant and former Menomonie High School student has been found guilty of a felony charge of making terroristic threats at the Menomonie High School. The teen admitted to placing a note in a student bathroom on Nov. 14 that stated the school was going to be “shot up” that same day.

The juvenile defendant is currently awaiting sentencing in a closed, confidential hearing.

“Without exception, students in Dunn County deserve educational environments that are safe and free from fear, violence, and threats,” Nodolf stated. “As both the district attorney and a parent, I will not tolerate threats or violence of any kind or type in our schools. My office has a zero-tolerance policy against threats or violence in our educational environments, and offenders will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.”

Nodolf also thanked the School District of the Menomonie Area for “their quick and decisive response to the threat and the Menomonie Police Department for its thorough investigation that led to the apprehension of the responsible juvenile.”