135 Years

Saturday, Dec. 9, 1882

About nine o’clock last Saturday morning, our citizens were startled by a alarm of fire and it was soon discovered that Wm. Huber’s saloon on Main street was in flames. It was too late to do anything to save the building and the work was directed to protecting the residence of Mr. Huber only a few feet distant.

Fortunately the wind was favorable and by hard work the fire was confined to the saloon building, and the adjacent property saved. The fire caught between the ceiling and the roof from the stovepipe and was not discovered until beyond control. The loss on the building and contents is estimated at $1,200 on which there was an insurance in the Continental of $500 on the building and $100 on furniture and fixtures.

125 Years

Friday, Dec. 9, 1892

Wednesday night burglars broke into the Omaha engine house and into Edward’s hardware store, in both cases, it is supposed, for the purpose of obtaining tools for finer work. All day Wednesday four suspicious looking men loitered about the Omaha depot, attracting attention by their actions.

Late in the evening of the same day one of these men applied to Dr. Kelsey to dress an ugly wound in his leg, apparently made by a piece of glass. Afterward two men were arrested — one being the man who was wounded — and they are now in jail. He who was cut is supposed to have received his wound iu breaking into Edward’s store.

Mrs. Belva Lockwood attracted a large audience to the Memorial last Friday evening to hear her lecture on “ Is Marriage a Failure ? No, Sir !” The interest of the audience was aroused by the reputation of the lecturer and exalted anticipations were entertained of the great chunks of wisdom that were to be dealt out.

100 Years

Thursday, Dec. 6, 1917

Little Elk Creek — Theodore Fischer had the misfortune of having a leg broken last Friday by an enraged bull. He had gone to the pasture and brought the cows home, and was standing by the barn door waiting for them to enter when the bull lowered his head and charged at him so violently and suddenly that there was no chance to escape.

His leg was broken in the first charge of the bull and he fell to the ground, where he was at the mercy of the animal, which continued to toss him around, injuring and bruising him badly about the abdomen and back. Fortunately his youngest brother, Emil, 12 years of age, hearing his cries, came to the rescue and with great pluck and courage picked up a shovel and drove the infuriated animal away. Medical assistance was immediately called from Menomonle and the patient is doing as well as can be expected.

75 Years

Wednesday, Dec. 9, 1942

Menomonie will be host to people of the surrounding vicinity for a center to immunize children against smallpox and diphtheria on Friday, December 11. This is a part of the county wide disease prevention program that has been in progress in the county during the past week sponsored by the Dunn county health committee and the county nurse in cooperation with the medical profession.

The charge will be 25 cents per person for either one or both protections. This money will be used to meet the costs of the vaccine and toxoid and other expenses of the program will be met by an appropriation made for the purpose by the county board last year.

The furnace in the basement of St. Paul’s Lutheran church set the main floor on fire in the east end of the church, near the altar Sunday morning about 10:20 o’clock, and services that were being held were interrupted.

First sign of a fire was noticed when members in the church noticed smoke coming up through the floor in the east end. Firemen were called and promptly checked the fire. Some fire damage was done and considerable smoke damage. Fire Chief J. E. Johnson said it is difficult to estimate the damage done by such a fire and said this will be left to the insurance adjusters.

50 Years

Wednesday, Dec. 6,1967

As a public service, Sigma Pi fraternity at Stout State University will sponsor a Christmas party for children of Dunn County area servicemen on Saturday, Dec. 16, at 1 p.m. in the Stout State student union ballroom. Santa will make an appearance at the party and games, gifts and prizes will be included in the festivities.

Preparations for the visit of the Red Cross bloodmobile to Dunn County the week of Dec. 18-22 are| underway with the organization of blood donor recruitment committees. In charge of making plans for the bloodmobile’s visit to various county communities are Mrs. Harold Schadney, Menomonie; Mrs. Paul Suneson and Mrs. Theodore Price, Boyceville, and Mrs. Edith Haase, Colfax.

25 Years

Wednesday, Dec. 9, 1992

Officials from the Minnesota Vikings, considering a preseason training camp move from their current Mankato, Minn., site, asked for bids this week from the University of Wisconsin-Stout and UW-Eau Claire. The schools are on Minnesota’s short list of five, including Mankato State, for the 1993 preseason camp. Jan Womack, assistant chancellor for administrative services at Stout, said team representatives are interested in the cost to use university facilities such as food service and housing.

More than 4,200 job seekers picked up applications for positions at the new Wal-Mart Distribution Center last week. The applications must be turned I in at the Menomonie National Guard Armory during Dec. 9-12, from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. each day, and to noon on Saturday. A total of 500 workers will be hired to fill warehouse, clerical and maintenance positions.

15 Years

Sunday, Dec. 8, 2002

Local dog vies for top honors Larson and Rio to attend national championships: Dyan Larson and Rio of Menomonie are busy this month perfecting their competition skills for the second annual All Star Obedience and Agility Championships which will be held in eastern Pennsylvania on Dec. 6-8. ... Rio and approximately 260 other dogs will be vying for top honors and bragging rights in obedience, agility, or both obedience and agility

10 Years

Wednesday, Dec. 5, 2007

While drilling over the weekend, members of Wisconsin’s 32nd “Red Arrow” Brigade — including Menomonie’s Company A — got the word that they are scheduled to return to Iraq in the summer of 2009. According to a Defense Department release, the 32nd and similar brigades from two other states “will have a security force mission and be assigned tasks which will assure freedom of movement and continuity of operations in the country.” The mission will include base defense and route security in Iraq and Kuwait.

With an authorized strength of 3,450 soldiers, the brigade’s combat team includes units in 36 Wisconsin communities. Among them is the 1st Battalion, 128th Infantry, headquartered in Eau Claire. In addition to Company A of Menomonie, the battalion includes Company B of New Richmond, Company C of Arcadia and Company D of River Falls.

5 Years

Wednesday, Dec. 5, 2012

Tourism centers set to open — Motorists traveling on Interstate 94 soon will find a warm welcome at the rest areas between Exits 41 and 45 in Menomonie. As of Tuesday, Dec. 11, travelers will be provided with an abundance of information about the area and the state at two brand-new welcome centers.

With the closing of the Hudson Welcome Center in 2009, a need to establish a welcome center presence for visitors entering the state was identified by the Wisconsin Department of Tourism, the Governor’s Council on Tourism, and members of the travel and tourism industry of western Wisconsin.

Free summer parking downtown gets OK. Estimated $10K in revenue may be lost; however, some downtown owners say free parking is good for business. ... Monday night, the council listened, voting 9-1 in favor of covering the meters from June 1 through Aug. 23, while UW-Stout is not in session. The measure also had the support of the Menomonie Parking Utility.

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