Wednesday, Jan. 5, 1955: Farm Bulk Milk Pickup truck of Sanna Dairies, one of the first to be used in this area, starting a year and half ago. Such bulk milk collection trucks as these combined with bulk milk tanks owned by the farmers will materially reduce the use of milk cans and receiving stations in the future, it has been pointed out by the dairy industry. The truck above holds 1800 gallons. Driver is Lyle Rowley.

135 Years

Saturday, Dec. 30, 1882

Schutte & Quilling have contracted with J. M. Hughes for brick to erect a new building on the north side of their store. It will be connected with their present salesroom by arched passages and double their capacity for storing and handling goods. The new building will be put up next season.

There will be a dance in Odd Fellows Hall, at Cedar Falls, on New Year’s night to which a general invitation is extended. Music will be furnished by Willimann’s Band. Tickets to the dance (including supper) $1.50, per couple. Come and have a jolly time.

Mabel Tainter gave a number of her young lady friends an old-fashioned sleigh ride in a big sleigh Wednesday evening, which was pronounced a jolly affair.

125 Years

Friday, Dec. 30, 1892

The dwelling of Mrs. Charlotte Funk on Twelfth street was destroyed by fire Thursday evening, Dec. 29, at about 11 o’clock. A defective chimney is supposed to have caused the trouble. The building was worth $600 or $700, which together with its contents was fully covered by insurance.

Ingraham Bros. have received samples of the Columbian half-dollars issued by the United States government on behalf of the World’s Fair management. They are on exhibition at the store where the public is invited to inspect them.

H. E. Knapp delighted the Congregational Sunday school children by an exhibition of a series of stereopticon views at the church, Tuesday evening.

100 Years

Thursday, Dec. 27, 1917 Arthur Koenig, a cousin of A. B. Ausman of Elk Mound and well known here and at other points in Dunn county, was crushed under a heavy load of coal near Parshall, N.D., Dec. 17. He was cutting across a field, walking beside his sleigh as he drove his team, when a runner broke and he was caught beneath sleigh and coal. Though but a mile and a half from his home he was not found until the following afternoon, when he was suffering terribly from exposure and his injuries. He died at 6 the same evening. The funeral was held in Chippewa Falls last Thursday.

Downing, Dec. 19. — The local creamery was totally destroyed by fire Friday morning between 12 and 1 o’clock. The fire was first discovered by C. Parker, watchman at the factory, and he quickly called the near neighbors. After the door was broken in the fire was found to be near the chimney, but before the few who had gotten there could get conveniences to work with, the fire was beyond their control. From the creamery the fire spread to the ice house and then to the coal shed with between thirty and forty tons of coal which was completely consumed.

75 Years

Wednesday, Dec. 30, 1942 A bushel basket of Florida fruit came to The News as a Christmas remembrance from H. J. Sherman, who is sojourning in the balmy clime at St. Cloud during the winter season. With the generous foundation of grapefruit the rest of the basket was filled with juicy oranges and tangerines, saturated with that pleasing-to-the-palate flavor for which Florida fruit is famous.

Another Menomonie soldier, serving with the United States infantry in the battle against the Japanese in New Guinea is reported wounded in action, bringing to eight as the number of Menomonie men now reported wounded in that theatre of war. The eighth Menomonie soldier reported wounded in action is Second Lieut, Burnham L. Peters, son of Mrs. S. E. Peters, of Menomonie. He was severely wounded in action in New Guinea, according to a radio message sent to his mother December 29.

50 Years

Wednesday, Dec. 27,1967

Forty-two persons were admitted to Memorial Hospital during the past week and 78 were discharged. There were three births, two boys and a girl. ... During the holiday season, Memorial Hospital and Nursing Home patients were the recipients of gifts and entertainment provided by many area groups. In the event the administration missed thanking any group personally, it wishes to extend a hearty “thank you” for helping to make the Christmas season a much more cheerful one for the patients.

The first baby born in Dunn County in 1968 at Memorial Hospital will receive a handmade layette from the Midway Meadowlarks 4-H club. Each girl in the club has made at least one of the tiny garments and included in the layette are diapers, bibs, kimonos, nightgowns, a bunting, and a sleeping bag. In addition to the layette, the lucky baby will receive a letter welcoming him (or her) to Dunn County, a 4-H button, and an honorary membership in the Midway Meadowlarks 4-H Club. Sherry Larson, Downing, has been selected to present the layette to the baby’s mother.

25 Years

Wednesday, Dec. 30, 1992

On Dec. 2, a team of 16 students from Menomonie Middle School ranked 123rd out of 1,560 teams in the country in the 19th Knowledge Master Open. The Menomonie team scored 1,494 out of 2,000 possible points, enabling the team to place fifth in state out of 64 entrants. Using knowledge derived from all subject matter areas, middle school teams faced questions and vied for top scores based on accuracy and speed.

Students from 50 states, Canada, Mexico, Africa, Asia, Europe and South America competed in the contest. The Menomonie team is composed of eighth graders Carrie Bergstrand, Paula Faber, Sarah Grambo, Carey Hoeft,Tiffany Husby, Dan Ley, Kristy Puhl, Joseph Rompala, Matt Schlosser, Erin Skerven, Saran Trainor, Angie VanNess and Lesla Wolf and seventh graders Arya Amirahmadi, Eric Ford and Paul Johnson. The team is coached by seventh grade reading teacher Judy Foust.

15 Years

Thursday, Dec. 26, 2002

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation is offering, free of charge, an historic truss bridge for relocation, rehabilitation and preservation.The recipient must move the bridge from its current location over Elk Creek on CTH E in the Town of Spring Brook, Dunn County, and be willing to preserve the structure’s historic integrity. ... The structure was built in 1934 and is approximately 154.5 feet long and 25 feet wide.

Limited funds may be available from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, Division of Highways, to assist in removal of the bridge from its current location. Additional costs may be incurred by the recipient in preparing a new site and rehabilitating (repairing and painting) the bridge.

10 Years

Wednesday Dec. 26, 2007

Paul Harrison, president of Western Wisconsin Energy (WWE), recently announced a $8,500 contribution to the Boyceville Fire Department. The contribution was presented to Brian Marlette, the chief of the Boyceville Fire Department. ... The Boyceville Fire Department is a volunteer force, which has been in existence since 1948. The department is comprised of more than 35 members from throughout the community. ... The WWE ethanol plant has been in operation since Aug. 28, 2006. The plant is designed to produce 40 million gallons of fuel-grade ethanol per year, which can be used in numerous vehicles being mass-produced by automobile manufacturers.

5 Years

Sunday, Dec. 30, 2012

Ken Erickson played a pivotal role in the establishment of the UW-Stout hockey program, serving as both an adviser and a coach to the program in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s. Erickson passed away Thursday, Dec. 20, at his home in Menomonie. Erickson, who received the UW-Stout Athletic Distinguished Service Award in 1993, helped to establish the fledgling Stout State University hockey program in the 1960s, serving as an adviser to the club and coaching the team from 1970-71, the year before the Stout program joined the Wisconsin State University Conference.

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