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Wednesday, Jan. 13, 1993: Elvis still sticking around. Lynda Hoffmann, Menomonle, was one of the first to buy the new Elvis stamp when it went on sale at the Menomonie Post Office Jan. 8. Postmaster Bob Kolalzy said his office sold about 10,000 stamps between noon Jan. 8 and opening on Tuesday morning. Kolalzy said he has called St. Paul to get more, adding that most people buying the stamps bought entire sheets (40 stamps), and some as many as 500 stamps.

135 Years

Saturday, Jan. 13, 1883

A young lady who was very sick and gave her name as Jennie Green, from Merrillan, arrived at the Menomonie House last Wednesday and inquired for the residence of Len. McBerney, her stepfather. After a long search it was found that McBerney was employed at the brickyard on the Hudson road and as soon as possible a conveyance was secured and the lady started for that point. When almost there it was discovered that she was dying, and before her home was reached, she breathed her last. Consumption is said to have been the cause of death.

Sheriff Thum and wife, assisted by District Attorney Whitford and Alderman Scott, accompanied Mrs. Elizabeth Moe, Mrs. Annette Kirkland, Maria Hagan and Hattie Hamilton, chronic insane persons to the Rock County Insane Asylum last Tuesday. The care which these insane women have received from private families has been inadequate to their needs besides being very expensive to the county. The expense will be less where they now are while the care and comforts afforded will be incomparably better. The transfer was made by direction of the State Board of Charities and Reform and Judge Kelly.

125 Years

Friday, Jan. 13, 1893

H. W. Reed, of Dunn, has resigned his position in the War Department and this week removes with his family to Kalispell, Montana, where he will enter upon the practice of the law. Kalispell is a booming city of two thousand inhabitants, in a rich mining region, and affords an alluring prospect to an enterprising and spirited man. Mr. Reed possesses the elements for making himself felt in such a community. For many years a teacher and for one term school superintendent of Dunn county; for several years a departmental clerk at Washington; and a graduate of the Columbia law school, he has an intimate acquaintance with public men and affairs and is thoroughly equipped for the successful practice of his profession in the far west. The NEWS bespeaks for him a bright future.

100 Years

Thursday, Jan. 10, 1918

The new Coddington school building at Fifteenth avenue and Sixth street was opened for use for the first time on Monday and now comfortably houses about 275 contented school children. This handsome, modern building takes the place of the Fowler and Coddington buildings, which, after many year’s use, now pass from the stage as school properties and will be sold at public auction Saturday, Jan. 19.

The new building is a credit to the city, whereas its predecessors were for many years a reproach. In many respects the new structure is the most complete and convenient school building in the city. The cost of the building was approximately $25,000, the amount of bonds issued for its erection.

75 Years

Wednesday, Jan. 13, 1943

Colfax, Jan. 13~A Victory Book campaign from Jan. 5 to March 5 is being staged here. Any book you really want to keep is a good book to give to the soldiers in service. There will be a house to house canvas by the Boy Scouts, date to be announced later.

Births increased but the number of deaths and marriages were less during 1942, than in 1941, states City Health Officer Russell Harding in checking over Menomonie’s vital statistics records for the past year.

During 1942 there were 237 births reported in the city compared with 224 for 1941 Harding said. For 1942 there were 92 deaths compared with 108 in 1941. Marriages recorded with Harding totaled 101 for 1942 compared with 105, for 1941.

50 Years

Wednesday, Jan. 10, 1968

New x-ray equipment costing approximately $50,000 has been installed in Memorial Hospital reports Ken E. Jensen, assistant administrator. The improvement, he said, includes an x-ray room completely furnished with new equipment, a new mobile x-ray unit which can be taken to the bedside of a patient, and a film processor.

According to Jensen, the equipment package in the completely furnished x-ray room includes a table, overhangs which support the radiographic collimator, image intensifier, a new power supply, and a panel control board.

The equipment was purchased with money that had accumulated in the depreciation fund, said Jensen.

The x-ray room that has been completely furnished, noted Jensen, formerly housed x-ray equipment that was approximately 20 years old and used only in emergencies. ... In addition to the room that was completely furnished, the hospital has another x-ray room and this equipment will be utilized for chest x-rays and minor fractures. A new table has been installed in this room but the remainder of the equipment is 10 to 12 years old. Equipment in this room was considered “new” until improvements were made, noted Jensen.

25 Years

Wednesday, Jan. 13, 1993

The electrical explosion that brought Menomonie firefighters to Jeter, Tainter and Callahan halls at University of Wisconsin-Stout Jan. 8 was not as severe as originally anticipated.

DeWayne Parent, 64, of rural Thorp, received burns to his face and right hand, and was taken to Myrtle Werth Medical Center, then St. Paul-Ramsey in the Twin Cities, but was released the next day. ... Parent, a temporary employee and electrician, was upgrading an electrical panel in the lower level of the dormitory. He had installed a breaker, noticed it did not work and went to pull it out when he heard something falling in the box.

The explosion blew a baseball-sized hole in the panel. Damages were estimated at $5,000. Other workers in the building went to check on Parent when the lights in the building dimmed, and they were exposed to the smoke. ... The Menomonie Fire Department extinguished a fire that started in some nearby cardboard boxes and ventilated the hall to get rid of the smoke. Students were not in the hall because of semester break.

15 Years

Wednesday, Jan. 8, 2003

Stout women’s team reaches milestone When UW-Stout defeated Hanover College, Dec. 30, the Blue Devils accomplished something the program hasn’t seen in more than 30 years. The win was enough to push Stout’s all-time record over the .500 mark for the first time since the 1971-72 season, the Blue Devil women’s inaugural year.

Not many programs would celebrate a .500 record, but for Stout, the turnaround has been just short of amazing. While Stout is now a perennial national Top 25 team, the 1970s and 1980s were nothing to write home about. Before present coach Mark Thomas took over the program for the 1987-88 season, Stout had an overall record of 64-180, and only two seasons that were .500 or better -1977-78 (5-5) and 1980-81 (9-5).

During Thomas 15-plus seasons, the Blue Devils have had only two seasons below .500, his first two. Thomas took over a program that had just gone 2-44 the two previous years and hadn’t won a conference game in nearly four seasons. Times have changed. Over the last 15 years, Stout has won two conference titles, advanced to either the NAIA or NCAA Division III playoffs seven times and are a regular feature in the Top 25 rankings.

10 Years

Sunday, Jan. 13, 2008

On Jan. 5, a business in the 200 block of Pine Avenue reported a male passed a counterfeit $20 bill. Another male exchanged three $20 bills and other real currency for two $50 bills. The total of bills passed amounted to $160. On Jan. 8, an employee at a business in the 2400 block of State Highway 25 North turned over a counterfeit $50 bill to Menomonie Police Department that was used at the business on Dec. 22 or Dec. 23.

She said the bank told her the bill was counterfeit on Dec. 24 when she took the business money to the bank. She has no idea who passed the $50 as they were unable to capture any video evidence. The same day, a First Bank & Trust employee reported that a counterfeit $20 bill was received in a recent deposit from a business located in the 2400 block of State Highway 25.

The store doesn’t know when the bill was taken in, and there is no information about who presented the bill or which employee accepted it. The bill has the same serial number as other counterfeits passed in Menomonie recently, and is likely related to other cases. The counterfeit bill will be sent to U.S. Secret Service.

5 Years

Wednesday, Jan. 9, 2013

Vets Plus Inc., manufacturer of animal health and nutrition products, has relocated to its newly renovated location at 302 Cedar Falls Road, Menomonie. The facility combines the manufacturing and offices under one roof, in a space totaling more than 55,000 square feet.

A manufacturer and distributor of animal health and nutrition products, VPI was founded by Raj Lall in 1990. In 2009, the addition of a line of soft chew products exceeded its available manufacturing space in Knapp, and an auxiliary facility was opened in Menomonie. As the company continued to grow, moving to a larger location became necessary.

Production Manager Killol Raval played a key role in the design and completion of the building’s renovations. In explaining the work done on the former warehouse, Raval said, “We took the time to make sure this building would serve the company well for years to come.”

The production area is made up of individual rooms dedicated to a specific process. “With all the equipment moved to Menomonie now, production has resumed, and we have begun shipping product from our” new facility” Raval said.

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