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“Dunn County sportsmen and other far-sighted citizens will welcome the news that everything is set to gone on the Yellow Banks project.”

--Thursday, March 5, 1914

These dams, which would be built by the Soil Conservation Service in cooperation with the Dunn County Fish & Game Association and interested individuals, would stop the river’s biting away of huge chunks of the Yellow Banks and thus reduce the silting of Lake Menomin. At the present, four acre-feet of silt was deposited annually in the lake from this source.

Mrs. Martha Wagner owned the farm on the east side of the Red Cedar River where the raw banks known as the “Yellow Banks” rises vertically 90 feet for a distance along the shore of nearly a quarter mile. Each of the three dams would be 60 feet wide and was set to extend into the river between 80 and 100 feet. The shore end of each dam would be built to a height of 15 feet above the water line.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Dunn County Snow Park hosted the annual rail jam and big air contest Feb. 16 at the Dunn County Recreation Park. A total of 25 skiers and snowboarders competed for the podium sports, with many prizes donated by local and out-of-town stores and companies. The most popular division was the snowboarder age 15 and older division. The crowd got involved with snowboard trivia questions for prizes. Mayo Clinic Health System was there promoting its Wellness ROCKS program with a sledding race, plus handing out fruit, hot chocolate and water.

Each year, the Wisconsin Newspapers Association Foundation holds its Better Newspaper Contest (BNC) to honor the profession of journalism and the people around the state who work in the field. Once again, the Dunn County News made a fine showing in the 2012 contest. Columnist and noted local historian John Russell took a first place award for his Scenes of Yesteryear column. About Russell’s work, the judge said, “Awesome columns. Easy to read.”

Wednesday, March 1, 1989

By a vote of 464 to 411, residents of the Boyceville School District Feb. 23 passed a $3.35 million building proposal and became the first district in Wisconsin to embrace municipal leasing as a funding mechanism. Under the proposal, the district will purchase 37 acres and construct an elementary school in Boyceville. The proposal also includes demolition of the oldest portion of the current Boyceville facility, and remodeling at Connorsville and Wheeler elementary schools. Superintendent Stu Waller said the district is waiting for formal notification from the Department of Public Instruction (DPI) that it will accept municipal leasing as a funding mechanism, and that it will be eligible for state aid reimbursement. Waller said he expects to hear from the department’s legal counsel this week.

Wednesday, March 4, 1964

Withholding milk from markets to force processing plants to pay higher prices is a program being promoted among dairy farmers on the basis of two delusions, according to a statement today by spokesmen of our major dairy organizations active in Midwest dairy states. In fact, after they pay the heavy assessments against them to cover costs of removal from the market of huge dairy surpluses that would be caused by the program, farmers who sign up would end by netting much less than they now receive under the government’s dairy price support program. The organizations are the National Creameries Association, the National Milk Producers Federation, the Minnesota dairy Products Association, and the Wisconsin Council of Agriculture Cooperative.

Wednesday, March 1, 1939

A total of 436 persons in Dunn County are now receiving old age assistance and they were paid $7,899.50 for the month of February. For the same month, 98 cases received $3,006.50 in aid to dependent children.

The quarters formerly used by the A. E. Herrem tailor shop at the rear of the Zimmerman Drug Store are being repainted preliminary to the moving in about March 15 of a radio repair shop that will be operated by Peter Rudiger. Mr. Rudiger is a veteran radio repair man and his many customers will find this new location a convenient stopping place.

Dunn County sportsmen and other far-sighted citizens will welcome the news that everything is set to gone on the Yellow Banks project. The last signature was affixed today to a contract providing for the building of three large brush-rock deflecting dams about four miles upstream from Menomonie on the Red Cedar River.

Thursday, March 5, 1914

It is expected that as soon as frost is out of the ground excavating will begin for the new Domestic Science building of Stout Institute, which will be erected where the office and homemakers’ building now stand and which will cost $200,000. The old buildings are being advertised for sale so that as soon as formalities have been gone through the site will be ready for the building. John D. Chubb, of Chicago, the architect, is now working on the specifications. When these are complete he will call for bids, probably letting the excavation separately to avoid delay. He is the architect that planned the Building Trades building. About $3,000 worth of new machinery is now being installed in the trades building.

By the end of the present week the teams will nearly all be picked that are to take part in the tournament of the Northwestern Wisconsin Interscholastic Association to be held at the Broadway armory March 12, 13, and 14. Posters have been put up at various points in the Northwest Territory and a large outside attendance is probable. Gold medals will be given five members of the team winning first place.

Friday, March 1, 1889

A large and enthusiastic meeting was held in the council chamber Saturday evening last to consider the advisability of offering public aid to business enterprises seeking locations in this city. A free discussion of the situation was indulged in by a large number of gentlemen present who without exception expressed themselves in favor of offering bonuses to be taken from the city treasury if no other equitable scheme could be devised. Among those who so expressed themselves were Messrs, J. B. McKahan, John Swant, Iver Olson, E. J. Newsom, F. J. McLean, Wm. Schutte, E. Larsen, and others.

At the recent meeting of stockholders of the Knapp, Stout & Co. Company, a resolution was adopted authorizing the resident managers of the corporation to lease to new business enterprises the surplus waterpower at this point. This action gives assurance of sympathy on the part of this great organization with attempts to advance the interests of this city.

Saturday, March 5, 1864

Early on last Tuesday morning, all the trout-lines and hooks in Menomonie were purchased and the culprits and informers marched in harmonious order to Wilson Creek, where, we are told, a most terrible massacre of trout took place. The restriction to fish is now removed; the hundred streams that surround our village are full of pretty little speckled creatures, and we may expect that during the ensuing “hot term,” hundred of languid amateur sportsmen from the cities will wend their way to our pleasant locality for the purpose of “slaughtering the innocents.”

The quota for Red Cedar, departed for Eau Claire on Sunday evening last week. Most of them intend to enlist in the 36th regiment, while some, we are informed, will go into the 18th. Red Cedar is a “bully” town; it always comes to time with its quota when our country calls for defenders.

Dustyn Dubuque, UW-Eau Claire Public History intern at DCHS, can be reached at 715-232-8685, or

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