The Boyceville High School Science Olympiad competed at the 11th Annual Boyceville Science Olympiad Invitational Tournament on Dec. 2, finishing in ninth overall out of 59 teams while the middle school team finished in seventh overall out of 34 teams.

Menomonie High’s Maroon team came in second overall, while the MHS White team took the 10th spot.

Division 2 champs

Boyceville’s varsity team was the champion of Division 2 and earned medals in 23 of 30 total events. Individual event gold medals were earned by senior Marissa Dormanen and junior Mark Timper in Anatomy & Physiology, seniors Jason Swanepoel and Emmett Kapsner in Astronomy, Timper and sophomore Ana Evenson in Disease Detectives, senior Rian Corr and freshman Nathan Corr in both Electric Wright Stuff and Mousetrap Vehicle, senior Brennan Wheeldon and sophomore Jasmine Windsor in Forensics, Emmett Kapsner and senior Casey Owen in Hovercraft, Evenson and sophomores Caitlyn Pelikan and Noelle Wheeldon in Picture This, Rian Corr, Emmett Kapsner, and Timper in Protein Modeling, Swanepoel and Rian Corr in Sustainable Energy, Owen and sophomore Cade Klefstad in Towers, and Timper and Pelikan in WiFi Lab.

The Boyceville Middle School Science Olympiad Varsity also won Division 2 at their home invite, finishing behind only state champions from Illinois (Daniel Wright – also the defending national champion team), Wisconsin (Madison Hamilton), Minnesota (Chippewa), and Iowa (Ames).

Tournament champion gold medals were earned freshmen Brady Helland and Connor Sempf in Battery Buggy, Road Scholar, and Towers, eighth graders Jenna Goodell and Libby Bygd in Crime Busters, eighth graders Ella Holden, Kayden Benson, and Shiloh Wheeldon in Experimental Design, eighth graders Logan Windsor and Elijah Farrell in both Mystery Architecture and Roller Coaster, and ninth grader Grace Edlin and eighth grader Luke Becker in Rocks & Minerals.