Defining what marriage is — and is not

2013-04-06T18:29:00Z Defining what marriage is — and is notBy REBEKAH PALMER | Menomonie Chippewa Herald
April 06, 2013 6:29 pm  • 

To claim the definition of marriage — one man and one woman united physically, emotionally, spiritually and legally — is intolerant is to say the definition of a mother — female, one who bears a child — is intolerant because the other gender cannot partake of it. Better questions need to be asked concerning acceptance of same-sex included in the marriage definition.

To condemn another side for what they believe in about marriage breeds the hatred and intolerance many seek to avoid. Some questions I would personally like answered: If we don't define a concept such as marriage, how do we know what it is or what it is not? Is marriage whatever each person deems it to be?

Those who support Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) are not saying, "I hate homosexuals" or "I fear homosexuality." They simply seek to know what marriage in American society is and what it is not.

With a law in place like DOMA, adults in America would still be free to love whoever they will. Love is not what is up for debate. Love can be expressed in many ways between many groups of people. Fathers and sons, mothers and daughters, siblings, best male friends, best female friends, boyfriends and girlfriends, and relatives can express love by spending time with one another, giving gifts, activities, hugs and kisses, and doing meaningful work for one another.

What is being challenged is what relationship is identified as a building block for society? The marriage relationship is the only coupling where sex is an appropriate expression of love. When a man and a woman engage in sex, a new life is often the outcome. Children are the sustainers of our society.

This does not invalidate those who are man and wife who are unable to procreate and those men and wives who are past child-bearing years as emotions and spirits become one through marriage. Two men and two women cannot of themselves make life. They most certainly can raise and mentor children, but they cannot maintain and create a society without heterosexual coupling.

The current issue seems to be a minority of homosexuals demanding the backing of the state to make a whole nation define marriage the way they want them to. More questions should be asked of the Supreme Court because marriage is not a right, it is a mandate to build and sustain a future for humanity.

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