I thought I'd lost my ability to be surprised by the words and actions of our state's Republican leaders the past couple of years. I was wrong. Sen. Sheila Harsdorf penning an article talking about "good government" is truly a (revolting) surprise.

Harsdorf is an unlikely person to speak about good government. She has helped ram through legislation without room for public debate. She has signed a secrecy oath regarding redistricting. She has continually misrepresented the legislation known as Act 10, repeatedly denying that tenets of it were written and passed with partisan gain in mind. She has co-sponsored legislation making it harder for residents of Wisconsin to vote.

Hardsorf's new legislation regarding recalls is of a piece with her other recent actions. It is an attempt to silence the people of Wisconsin and gerrymander a system that diminishes the voice of the people. I speak as someone who supported Harsdorf in the past — and I say now I was wrong to do so. Harsdorf is unfit for office and proof enough of the need for a recall option.

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Senator Harsdorf seems to want to stir up recent memories by many who lost the ability of a 50 year tradition of collective bargaining created in Wisconsin.Divide and conquer, remember when Gov. Walker thought he was talking to a Koch brother


Go bang your bongo this broken record is geting old to listen to.

C'mon ManBbLGJ

I agree utley. These liberals just can't let it go.

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