Words have meaning. When people are communicating, they need to understand that there is a difference between the denotation of a word (specific meaning) and connotation of a word (suggested meaning). 

The two words that are causing the most trouble today are “marriage”, and “rights”. What marriage means has remained fairly consistent, but is currently undergoing a political Orwellian “word speak” transformation. This is nothing new; after all, we are in a time where a reduction in increase means a cut. It is not the definition of marriage that concerns me the most. It is the complete misunderstanding and willful manipulation of what a “right” is.   

Our founding documents tell us that our rights are “endowed by our creator” or commonly stated as God given. Liberal Progressives cinch up at the word God because they think that this has something to do with religion.  That is not the case. 

Another way of putting it is your rights are what you have in an absence of government. Without government, you still have the right to life, property, speech, defense of one’s person (bear arms), and the practice of one’s religion. 

The government or any other person cannot give you these rights, hence God given. Unfortunately they can, and are, taken by force by other people and the government.

So, is marriage a God given right? By definition, the answer is no. Marriage does not exist in the absence of government.  Marriage is a government institution whether that be religious or secular. 

Anything that the government bestows upon you is a privilege. In a democracy, it is our elected officials who decide, with our consent, who is eligible for privileges. Elected officials decide on who will receive disability benefits, business subsidies, free medical care, who gets to vote, and who gets married to whom.

Marriage is a privilege. If we, as a society, decide that its denotation should change and should include nontraditional relationships, so be it. For God’s sake, and the sake of our language, quit calling it a right.  

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