When the Second Amendment  — the "right to bear arms" — was added to the Constitution , the only "arms" were muzzleloaders. And a muzzleloader was an essential item for a frontier family to procure food.

Definitely not the case today. Here is a win-win situation: Let's respect the historical significance of the Second Amendment and restrict citizen owned arms to muzzleloaders. Everyone will be happy. Hunters will be happy, as they can still hunt deer, with the added benefit of the extra skill and marksmanship required by a muzzleloader. The NRA will be happy, as people can still own guns, gun manufacturers will be happy, gun sellers will be happy, and even President Trump will be happy, as the Second Amendment seems to be the only part of the Constitution he is interested in upholding.

The only ones unhappy will be those individuals interested in mowing down a room full of people in 4 seconds.

D.J. MILLER, Menomonie


Dunn County News editor

Barbara Lyon is the editor of The Dunn County News in Menomonie, WI.

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Your argument is ridiculous. If we go with your thinking, then we need to get rid of computers, ball point pens, etc. When the 1st Amendment was written, all that was available was pretty much a quill pen. I'll keep my AR-15, thank you very much.

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