About a year ago, after Trump stole the election, I suggested that the middle/working class had been duped, and perhaps Trump would not turn out as predicted or advertised.

Well, I hate to say it (not really), but I told ya so. Donald Trump promised to drain the swamp; as it turns out, he is the swamp — and he is expanding it daily.

Donald Trump campaigned that he was the champion of the middle class, he would erase the staggering national debt amassed by previous administrations, he would provide “wonderful” and “fantastic” low cost health care for all. And now he has signed into law a tax plan with the largest transfer of wealth in history.

The hypocrisy, shameless greed, disregard for the constitution and the rule of law of this administration and Republican-controlled Congress is beyond belief. Thirteen million people will be thrown off health care, and billions of dollars will be taken out of the hands of the lower 60 percent of wage earners and given to the top 1/2 of 1 percent of wage earners. You could count on two hands (and maybe one foot) the number of “families” that will inherit this wealth.

I mean, really, think about it: If you already have a couple of billion dollars in your back pocket, why on earth do you need a couple million more? How much money can a person spend on sex, drugs, and rock and roll anyhow? I don’t get it.

Of course, large real estate developers, such as Trump himself and a dozen or so other Republican U.S. senators, will receive millions of dollars each. And that is not to mention large multi-national corporations, who will also get huge windfalls in the guise of tax cuts.

Corporations already have the ability to buy our elections. We are supposed to be a democracy, not a plutocracy. Corporations are not people, they should not have any say in our civic elections.

By definition, the main purpose of a corporation is to make a profit for the shareholders. They don’t give a rat’s patootie about the welfare of the American people. It is called “trickle down” economics. It doesn’t work. Never has, never will, didn’t work for Reagan. Ask any economist, and they’ll tell you it is bunk.

I recently had the opportunity to travel abroad. The main sentiment I encountered when folks found out I was from the U.S. was sympathy: “Oh you poor thing,” they would say. “You have a buffoon for a president.”

True that. Donald Trump, with all his posturing and bullying and lack of skills as a statesman, diplomat, or negotiator, and ignorance of world history and world affairs, has made the U.S. the laughingstock of the world. But the terrifying undercurrent of all that is that there is a true psychopath with his finger on the nuclear trigger.

God help us.

DJ Miller is a retired Dunn County farmer.


Dunn County News editor

Barbara Lyon is the editor of The Dunn County News in Menomonie, WI.

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