Voters in the 10th State Senate District have a big choice in Jan. 16th’s special election. Sheila Harsdorf accepted a position in the Walker administration, and I thank her for her service and wish her well.

Twenty-eighth Assembly Representative Adam Jarchow is attempting to move into the Senate in this election. Jarchow has legislated for and represented a narrow band of special interests in his term and a half.

If you are a bear hunter, great; Adam has authored numerous bills for you. If you are a builder, developer, trade group or PAC, Jarchow has created many new exemptions and weakened protections so you can make more money.

But if you are in the majority of voters, I don't see much he has done for you. Under the cloak of buzz words like “liberty” and “freedom”, Jarchow has weakened local government control.

You and the local people you elect can't decide how to protect your lakes, waterways, and property. The majority’s voice is now trumped by an individual's right to do or build almost whatever he wants. Your property value could decrease, and your water could be harmed by what your neighbor is now able to do.

Thanks to Jarchow, Madison makes the rules now, not your neighbors from Milltown or Menomonie. Thankfully, Patty Schachtner, the St. Croix County Medical Examiner, and former town and school board member, is stepping up to give you real representation.

Patty’s been on the front lines of the addiction epidemic and the mental healthcare crisis. Patty understands how schools have been affected under Walker’s budget cuts, and Patty knows the work that locals put in to decide land usage, clean water protections and zoning for their towns.

Vote for someone who actually listens and will represent the entire district. Vote for Patty Schachtner.

KIM BUTLER, Balsam Lake


Dunn County News editor

Barbara Lyon is the editor of The Dunn County News in Menomonie, WI.

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