Fine 10th Senate GOP candidates offer voters a true choice

I’ve known both Adam Jarchow and Shannon Zimmerman for a long time. I’ve worked with each in a variety of different ways and hold each in the highest regard.

What I know about each of them, that they both share equally, is this: Each is highly successful in their chosen profession. Each is dedicated to public service, not for personal gain or notoriety, but because of their desire to make things better for people. Each has a history of volunteering and contributing to their communities. Each cherishes their family and makes sure they devote themselves to that part of their life.

Each has extensive experience in both small and large businesses. Each has had the fiscal responsibility for an income statement and the impact that it has on families. Each has collaborated in ways that bridge the differences between us instead of deepening the differences that divide us.

Adam has served as my personal attorney and as council for companies that I’ve been involved with. His advice has always been clear, straightforward, and ethical.

Shannon and I have served on the chancellor’s advisory committee at the UW-River Falls for many years. His passion for education has been clear from our first introduction.

Both Adam and Shannon have reached out to better understand my view on the education and the workforce landscape in Wisconsin and the impacts on students and employers.

These two gentlemen are very similar in their character, selflessness, and passion for improving the lives of the people around them. That being said, they differ in where they chose to focus their efforts on legislative issues. I view both as active legislators, meaning they get stuff done as opposed to just voting on what someone else proposes.

S. MARK TYLER, Woodville


Dunn County News editor

Barbara Lyon is the editor of The Dunn County News in Menomonie, WI.

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