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April 05, 2013 7:01 pm

With the retirement of Francis Eiseth, 58-year veteran of the Menomonie Town Board, township voters were faced with a choice between Ed Hartung and Kent Jackson to serve as his successor. With a tally of 371 to 146, Hartung won Eiseth’s seat as supervisor #1. Running unopposed were Town Chair Frank Bammert, Supervisor #2 Neil Koch, Clerk Leslie Hulbert and Treasurer Nancy Ponto.

Here are the results for the remaining townships:

Colfax —Reelected: Chair, Gary Klukas; Supv. 1, Dean Logslett; Supv. 2, Gary Bjork; Clerk, Rebecca Kiesow; Treasurer, Christine Lorenzen.

Dunn — Reelected: Chair, Donald Heit; Supv. 1, Dennis E. Weber; Supv. 2, John R. Miller; Clerk, Vicki Weber-Price; Treasurer, Arlene Cartwright.

Eau Galle — Reelected: Chair, Donald Hartung; Supv. 1, William Hartung; Supv. 2, Audrey Martin-81; Clerk, Sandra Pickerign; and Treasurer Valerie Baskin.

Elk Mound — Reelected: Chair, Vernon Hanson; Supv. 1, Elton J. Christopherson; Supv. 2, Marvin Michels; Clerk, Carolyn Loechler; Treasurer, Anne Wahl.

Grant — Chair, Mark Dietsche (i); Supv. 1, David Buchner (i); Supv. 2, Brad G. Larson-46, David W. Larson-38; Treasurer, James G. Ackerlund (i).

Hay River — Chair, Stanley E. Andrews (i); Supv. 1, Russell Hitz-78, Pat McDonald-33; Supv. 2, Ned Hahn (i); Clerk, Michelle Drury (i); Treasurer, Susan Hitz (i).

Lucas — Information not available.

New Haven — Chair, Marv Prestrud-89 (previously served as supv. 2), Brian Loida-55; Supervisor (2 seats), Don Cormican-93, Jill Huber-84, Rosemary Olson-43; Clerk, Diane Duerst (i); Treasurer, Laura Ulrich (i).

Otter Creek — Reelected: Chair, Mark Warner; Supv. 1, James Irwin; Supv. 2, Steve Scoll; Clerk, Anita D. Rundle; Treasurer, Roberta Guidaboni.

Peru — Reelected: Chair, Wayne Krawlewski; Supv. 1, Greg J. Weiss; Supv. 2, Anton Schuh; Clerk, Rebecca J. Richardson; Treasurer, Julie Rinholen.

Red Cedar — Chair, Ronald Robelia (i); Supv. 1, Andrew Gansberg (i)-198, Bob Cook-154; Supv. 2,  Debra Gotlibson (i)-218, Susan Harrison-143.

Rock Creek — Reelected: Chair, Harry Warden; Supv. 1, Robert Bauer; Supv. 2,  Dan Whitehead; Clerk, Patricia Moser; New: Treasurer, Carol Hollister.

Sand Creek —Reelected: Chair, Michael Nelson; Supv. 1, Joel Smith; Supv. 2,  Phil Cruise; Clerk, Becky Loftus; Treasurer, Louis Reetz.

Sheridan — Reelected: Chair, David Bartlett; Supv. 1, Gary Allram; Supv. 2, Peter Score; Clerk, David Plunkett; Treasurer, Robin Wirth.

Sherman — Reelected: Chair, Daniel J. Fedderly; Supv. 1, Charles L. Maves; Supv. 2,  David Fruit.

Spring Brook — Reelected: Chair, Marvin D. Saxton; Supv. 1, Michael J.H. Hase; Supv. 2,  John E. Schneider; Clerk, Mary L. Strand; Treasurer, Jean Vasey.

Stanton — Reelected: Chair, Rich Monn; Supv. 1, Bob Anderson ; Supv. 2, Steve Nielsen.

Tainter — Reelected: Chair, Randy Valaske; Supv. 1, Kathleen Schlough; Supv. 2,  Gerald Mrdutt.

Tiffany — Chair, Chuck Siler-94, Thomas Humpal (write-in)-80; Supv. 1, Bill Drinkman-109, JoAnn Utphall-75; Supv. 2,  Michael Blechinger-104, Andrea Hanestad (write-in)-59; Clerk, Karen Adams (i); Treasurer, Elaine Drinkman (i)-108, Judy Humpal-81.

Weston — Chair, Bruce Podoll (i); Supv. 1, Craig Lecheler (i); Supv. 2,  Ron Cutler; Clerk, Pat Pickerign (i); Treasurer, Jenny Nyhus (i).

Wilson — Chair, Gene Hanson Sr. (i); Supv. 1, Greg Lambert-60, Wayne Christopherson (i)-53; Supv. 2,  Michael Steffe-63, Mike Urseth-50; Clerk, Susan Varnes (i); Treasurer, Becky Steffe (i).

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