McKenna Blum

Junior McKenna Blum was selected as a Science Student of the Month by Amy Root, her General Physics teacher. “McKenna asks great questions, doesn’t give up on an idea until she understands it, and has a positive attitude about learning,” Root said.

Blum chose Angela Oplinger, Spanish instructor at Chi-Hi, as her most influential teacher. “Mrs. Oplinger led me to discover my passion for Spanish and traveling,” Blum said.

Blum plans on joining the Air Force to pursue a career in orthotics and prosthetics. She is the daughter of Jackie and Bob Blum.

Jade Ciulla

Senior Jade Ciulla was chosen by Mark Cloutier, her General Physics teacher, as a Science Student of the Month. “Jade is disciplined and focused in General Physics. She shows a strong aptitude for the concepts in physics and has a great work ethic,” Cloutier said.

Virginia Welle was selected as Jade’s most influential teacher. “Normally, classes I take don’t seem to have an effect on my everyday life, but in AP Psychology I am constantly seeing connections outside of school and thinking about the interesting concepts we learn about in class,” Ciulla said.

Ciulla plans on attending the University of Minnesota for a Bachelor’s Degree in business management or human resources. She is the daughter of Scott Ciulla and Victoria Rigney.

Jacklyn Oldroyd

Freshman Jacklyn Oldroyd was nominated as a Science Student of the Month by her Biology teacher, Tami Slowiak. “Jacklyn’s academic success in Biology is due to her strong organizational skills and study habits. She is thorough with her work and never looks for shortcuts. She seems to understand that ‘there isn’t much traffic on the extra mile!’ Keep it up Jacklyn. Your future is bright,” Slowiak said.

Oldroyd’s most influential teacher choice is Slowiak. “She makes everything so easy to understand and she is a very good teacher,” Oldroyd said.

After graduating, Oldroyd would like to go to college to become a physical therapist. She is the daughter of Amy and Rich Oldroyd.

Sydney Thies

Junior Sydney Thies was selected by Nick Gagnon, her AP Physics 1 teacher, as a Science Student of the Month. “Sydney has even helped other AP-Physics classes, working as a teacher’s assistant. Sydney is a hard working, analytical thinker with a bright future ahead,” Gagnon said.

Thies chose Sarah Merconti, her 4th grade teacher at Stillson Elementary, for most influential teacher. “She inspired me to always do my best and expand my horizons. Beyond that, she’s been there for me every single day since I was in her class. Such wonderful support can be hard to come by, and I thank her for all that she’s done for me,” Thies said.

Thies plans to attend college and pursue either biomedical or chemical engineering. She is the daughter of Chris and Annalie Thies.

Alissa Hering

Junior Alissa Hering was recognized as a Science Student of the Month by Chrissy Seibel for her performance in General Physics. “Alissa is an excellent critical thinker. She asks thoughtful questions that take the content to a higher level,” Seibel said.

Lisa Zondlo, former high school Spanish I and II instructor, has been Hering’s most influential teacher. “She helped me to grow as a person and to see other cultures from new perspectives,” Hering said. “ She always had a smile on her face and was there for me when I needed advice or help, even if it wasn’t Spanish-related.”

Hering is still formulating her future plans but would like to attend a university, perhaps UW-Eau Claire or another Wisconsin university, to study psychology or a science-related field. She is the daughter of Matt and Kathy Hering.

Kaira Smiskey

Freshman Kaira Smiskey was chosen by her biology instructor, Michelle Thompson, to be recognized as a Science Student of the Month. “Kaira is a team leader, very hard working, and always has a positive attitude. She actively participates in classroom discussions and is a pleasure to have in class,” Thompson said.

Smiskey’s choice for her most influential teacher is Thompson. “She is so much fun and actually takes time to connect with her students and makes learning easy and fun,” Smiskey said.

Smiskey would like to attend a four year college and is still contemplating her course of study. She is the daughter of Laura Bichler and Carl Smiskey.

Wyatt Eiden

Senior Wyatt Eiden, a student in Becca Bestul’s AP Biology course, was selected as a Science Student of the Month. “Wyatt is a student that loves challenging himself and has his priorities in order so that he might excel at these challenges. He keeps me on my toes, as he is constantly making connections and looking ahead to where we’re going with class material,” Bestul said.

Nick Gagnon, Eiden’s AP Physics teacher in 2017, was chosen as Eiden’s most influential teacher. “Mr. Gagnon always has a positive attitude and works to make everyone’s day the best it can be. Through the couple of years I have known Mr. Gagnon, he has taught me many things, even outside of the classes he teaches. I wish every student in Chi-Hi could have a class with him to see how great he really is,” Eiden said.

Eiden plans on attending college to pursue a career in the medical field. He is the son of Denise Stewart and Rock Eiden.


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