They had first seen her when she was just nine months old in an Holt Fontana, Haiti, orphanage.

On Tuesday the 3-year-old girl was in Miami, away from the devastation a Jan. 12 earthquake had left in her homeland.

And on Wednesday morning, Sandi and John Polzin finally got to adopt the latest addition to their family, according to their son, Ben.

Ben Polzin said he thinks his parents and new sister will arrive back in Wisconsin Thursday afternoon. But there still is more paperwork to complete and more meetings on Wednesday before that happens.

Ben Polzin said he's looking forward to having a new sister. “This should be interesting and fun at the same time," he said.

At the end of the red tape is the prospect of being parents of a little Haitian girl called Paulande, whose name when she gets to her new home in Cadott will eventually be Mazie Grace Jean Polzin.

The Herald first told the story of the Polzin family’s efforts to adopt Mazie on Jan. 14.

“Words cannot describe our feelings, but I’ll try … humbled to be able to touch another life….

“Excited, scared, overjoyed, and tearful are a few words for us today,” wrote Sandi Polzin, whose family operates the Down to Earth Garden Center in rural Cadott.

Sandi Polzin first went to Haiti with parishioners at the Harvestime Church in Eau Claire. and has gone back repeatedly to volunteer at orphanages.

She is now on the national advisory board for the Servants of All Ministry orphanage, and also helps at the Holt Fontana orphanage.

It was there she found Maize.

“We were matched up with here when she was nine months old. Now she’s 3,” Sandi Polzin told the Herald last month.

The orphanage reassured the Polzins in an e-mail Jan. 29 that the children were safe and doing OK.

In an e-mail Monday, the Polzins said they have plans for their daughter once they return to Cadott.

“We will be sticking very close to her and teaching her English words and phrases from the first hour we meet her. We also are learning a little more Creole now that she is coming,” they said.

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