For Ginger Wierman, antiques run in the family.

“My mother collected antiques, and then you kind of inherit antiques,” the woman from the Lake Wissota area said.

Wierman was one of the local antique dealers among the dozens of Midwestern dealers at the second Chippewa Falls Antique Show and Sale by the Northern Wisconsin Antique Dealers Association, held at the Northern Wisconsin State Fairgrounds in Chippewa Falls this weekend.

Cost to attend the show is $5, but all proceeds after paying off costs to run the show will benefit a charitable organization selected by the association, show manager Jerry Fults said.

Jerry and his wife Sandra Fults were managing the front door to the event and their own booth near it Friday afternoon.

After hosting its first show in Chippewa Falls last year, the association will continue to host the show every last weekend in September before the first full weekend in October, Jerry Fults said.

He added the show features a wide selection of antiques, including jewelry, tools, kitchen items, pottery, Native American works, metals, art and toys from dealers from the Midwest.

Besides the great finds for any collector, Jerry said the event is overall a simple way to spend the day in the Chippewa Falls area.

“It’s just a nice outing for the day,” Jerry said.

“It’s also, for some folks, a trip down memory lane,” Sandra Fults added.

Antiques and the shows are a continuation of a lifetime of memories for Wierman.

Now an antique dealer and appraiser herself, Wierman enjoys collecting and finding art of good quality, regardless of the artist. Her favorite piece right now is a painting by Eau Claire priest and artist Emile Glocar, who was in the area from the 1960s to 1982.

With years of experience behind her, Wierman said she can tell good quality art by looking at it or is able to easily appraise an item based off a description.

This is the second year Wierman — who relies on some help from her husband Bob Wierman — has participated in the show. She said that as of Friday she believed the show was bigger than it was the year before. Wierman typically participates in 15 dealer shows per year. While she does not have a store, she freelances her expertise for appraisals and estate sales.

As an added bonus, she doesn’t have to travel very far for this show.

“I can sleep in my own bed tonight,” Wierman said with a laugh.


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