An Eau Claire man who injured a three-year-old child, fought a police officer and crashed a police squad car in March was sentenced to three years in prison and five years of extended supervision in Chippewa County Court Tuesday, case notes show.

Damian A. Stauffer, 20, pleaded guilty to counts of child abuse-intentionally causing harm, battery, taking and driving a vehicle without consent and disarming an officer. Judge Steven H. Gibbs also ordered Stauffer to pay approximately $52,000 in restitution.

Several more charges against Stauffer—of robbery, burglary, second-degree recklessly endangering safety and resisting/obstructing an officer—were dismissed.

Stauffer was charged in March after an incident at his residence at 3345 Runway Ave. According to Eau Claire Police Lt. Jim Southworth:

Police were called to a home on Runway Avenue after a family member said a man inside the residence had injured a child and was acting strangely. The caller said the man left the residence on foot.

Stauffer then walked to another home on Runway Avenue. He forced his way into the residence and demanded car keys. This time the resident was able to force out Stauffer and called police.

A police officer, not named by the department, was unaware of the home invasion when driving through the neighborhood looking for Stauffer.

Stauffer came up to the squad and punched the officer through an opened driver’s side window, and Stauffer went on to strike the officer several times.

The officer used a Taser on Stauffer, who was not affected.

Stauffer entered the squad car, and the officer tried several times to pull Stauffer out of the vehicle. Stauffer was able to put the vehicle into gear and fled, driving away at a high rate of speed. He would go on to strike several unoccupied vehicles in the alley, with the squad having major damage and becoming disabled about two blocks from where it was taken.

Stauffer stayed in the vehicle as officers commanded him to exit. Officers used pepper spray on Stauffer, and he left the vehicle.

Stauffer continued to refuse to obey commands so he was shot with a less-lethal bean bag round and taken into custody.

During his five years of extended supervision, Stauffer cannot buy or consume alcohol, illegal drugs or unprescribed medication, cannot enter taverns and cannot have unsupervised contact with children under 12 years of age unless approved by an agent.