A criminal complaint claims Justin L. Eichelt bragged about getting into trouble in the city of Owen for methamphetamine, and that he moved to Chippewa Falls to continue selling meth  and be under the radar.

While he did move, he never faded from the radar of law enforcement.

Eichelt, 23, 808 Jefferson Ave. No. 2, Chippewa Falls faces charges of possessing meth and marijuana,  along with maintaining a drug trafficking place and possessing drug paraphernalia, all from Feb. 1, 2013 in Chippewa Falls. He is also charged with felony bail jumping July 10, 2013 in the city.

The charges were filed in Chippewa County court Tuesday. He signed $5,000 signature bond on Feb. 4.

An arrest warrant was issued after Eichelt failed to appear in court Tuesday.

According to a criminal complaint:

Authorities used a no-knock search warrant to Eichelt’s Chippewa Falls residence and found .2 grams of suspected meth and a small amount of marijuana in a glass jar.

Pipes that are used to smoke meth and marijuana were found in Eichelt's  living room. Another 21.4 grams of a white powdery substance, tested as bath salts, was also found.

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Not my pocketbook plz
Not my pocketbook plz

Maybe he and the other 2 ladies of the drug culture could just live together.Then they would be under the radar as well.That should be no problem in Chippewa!

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