Junior Jacob Lemke had the night of his life on Saturday. His classmates at Chippewa Falls Senior High School voted him junior prom king, and Jacob took the honor in stride.

“That’s the happiest I’ve ever seen Jake,” said fellow junior court member Connor Baldeshwiler. “I loved the expression on his face.”

Members of the junior court were more than happy to see Jake, who has Down Syndrome, take the honor.

“Everybody in the school knew he was gonna win,” Connor said. “He was the obvious choice. Even though I myself was on the court, I voted for Jacob. Someone told me they voted for me, and I said, ‘No, vote for Jake!’”

Jake has won over the hearts of the entire school. He helps manage the football team in the fall, and has become a friendly face known to all who frequent the halls of Chi-Hi.

“He’s always out there giving smiles and high fives,” said court member Dylan Clark. “He’s just so happy to be there.”

“He’s kind, he’s friendly, and he knows everybody in school,” said his teacher, Leslie Schmidt.

“He always has that same grin on his face,” said junior court member Seth Kraus. “It’s great.”

Jacob’s mother, Karen Lemke, said it works both ways — not only does her son bring happiness to other students, but they in turn bring the same thing back to him.

“He loves coming to school and being a part of the community here,” she said. “All his friends here at school have really brought a lot of joy to his life.”

On Monday, mother and son reflected on all that had happened over the weekend.

“You got to stand up there with all the pretty girls on court,” Karen said.

“I did,” replied Jacob with a huge grin.

“(Your classmates) were showin’ you the love,” Karen said.

“I know, mom,” Jacob said with grin, as he gave a wave to a group of classmates walking by. “I know.”

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I nominate the entire Chi-Hi student body for special recognition in the dictionary... under the entry for "class." They've got a lot of it to be proud of.


Agreed! Great to see people putting others ahead of themselves. Rare these days.

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