A Chippewa Falls man was arrested as part of an ongoing investigation into deer poaching in the area.

Travis M. Ruf, 32, was arrested Thursday after a search warrant was executed at his residence on Warren Street. Wardens from the Department of Natural Resources were assisted by Chippewa Falls Police.

According to the warrant, in the 2012-13 archery season, authorities believe Ruf killed at least three bucks and one doe illegally.

A copy of the search warrant said DNR wardens had been investigating tips that Ruf had been poaching a large number of deer and using other people’s tags to register them.

A warden contacted Ruf on Jan. 4 while Ruf was hunting in Lake Hallie and asked him about his hunting in the 2012-13 archery deer season. Ruf said he had killed two deer, though state records show he registered four.

Further investigation showed Ruf tagged at least two deer he shot with two other people’s tags. Ruf said his son had shot a buck, but a text message photo sent from his phone indicated that Ruf had shot the deer. Ruf also admitted to using a friend’s tag on his own deer on a different hunt.

Text messages also show that Ruf had asked others if Ruf could use their tags to shoot deer.

As a result of the search warrant, investigators seized Ruf’s cell phone, a Bowtech Destroyer 340 compound bow, arrows and razor broadhead tips, photos, maps of hunting locations, and deer antlers and meats, among other items.

The investigation into the incident is ongoing, and charges are pending against Ruf.

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I agree that poachers need to be corralled and held to the same rules as the rest of us - but this is complete over kill - pardon the pun.

The only thing I would consider "wrong" in this case is if he sold the meat for a profit.

Otherwise, if he and his family are consuming it - no harm no foul in my book - why? Because it appears it happened "in season". To me, it doesn't matter if he used someone else's tags - if they didn't use them, what's the problem?

The annual deer hunt is set such that a hunters are expected to kill a certain number of deer to keep the deer population in check. What if everyone who had a license killed a deer? Would they then decease the number of licenses next year? Of course not.

As long as he had a tag for each deer harvested, who cares who's it was - the DNR wants the herd controlled and he did his part as far as I can tell. If he did it out of season, didn't have tags to fill, then perhaps it's worth a look.

CFW is lame

Merlin says "I agree that poachers need to be corralled and held to the same rules as the rest of us - but this is complete over kill - pardon the pun.
The only thing I would consider "wrong" in this case is if he sold the meat for a profit."

It sounds as if you don't think he needs to follow the same rules as the rest of us. This person was trespassing on several landowners' properties to kill more deer than the law allows.

He DIDN'T have a tag for each deer he shot. He would shoot a deer and then call a friend to get their tag.


One license one deer. That's the rules need to be followed. This guy was killing it seems for the thrill of it. Hopefully he will get what he has coming. Good job DNR.

CFW is lame

People should not be able to bait deer. These people dump buckets of corn on the ground and set up a camera to see what time the deer arrive to eat the corn. Then the "hunter" arrives a while before the deer are to come to eat. He then sits in a tree stand and waits for the deer to show up so he can try to shoot him with an arrow.. I witnessed one of the deer blood trails that Travis Ruf shot. That poor deer ran for a LONG time before it fell. In fact the deer ran several hundred yards onto my property. Without even asking me Travis decided to gut the deer on a well established trail that I use almost everyday while walking my dog. HE LEFT A PILE OF DEER GUTS IN THE MIDDLE OF A TRAIL used for walking my dogs. I was just about to report him for this but somebody beat me to it. It seems he was trespassing on other people property as well.

old timer

What a dumbhead stunt! Just pause and think for a moment of the embarassment your mother and father are experiencing because of this. You deserve what you get,your parents do not! Anybody wanna bet that this has been going on for a long time?

CFW is lame

Sadly his parents are probably used to it by now.

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