Premium Waters in Chippewa Falls celebrated the expansion of their current facility in a ribbon-cutting ceremony Thursday that will enable the plant to nearly double its production.

The ribbon-cutting event was attended by Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, who praised the company for choosing to expand in the Chippewa Valley.

Plant manager Bill Mercer said the expansion came after the company purchased a previously-rented building on Olson Drive. Premium Waters expanded that facility to a total of 166,000 square feet.

The expansion coincided with the hiring of 35 new employees.

"The big thing is the jobs," Mercer said. "We're doing this during a rather sluggish economy."

Mercer said the increase Premium Waters has seen in sales is probably due to a more health-conscious public and a lack of pure water from other sources.

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Its too bad the Governor didn't show the same level of interest in the Chippewa Valley when the Pactive plant closed. Wisconsin's unemployment rate just jumped up to 7%, while the national rate continues to fall. Meanwhile, this guy is scurrying around the state, like a little rat, taking credit for every scarce new job created in the state. As my neighbor told me (who works at Premium Waters), Walker isnt'a a Governor...he is a photobomber. Someone says "job"... and all of a sudden Walker shows up and is posing for a picture.


Hmm, why did Pactiv close again? What is the national unemployment rate? How many people are out of the national workforce compared to when O took office? Who recently said" I will not balance the budget just for the sake of balance?"


That's right, keep blaming Obama for Wisconsin's lack of jobs. At what point does a Governor get some blame for the lack? I also just heard, he is going to borrow a billion dollars to pay for things. What's that about the right saying we can't borrow anymore?

straight shooter

Great for our Community. Congratulations to Premium Water and how cool that the Governor came to our area as well.....To seagalfan07 it's funny sometimes on what people don't know. State officials were contacted on the Pactiv Plant and to my knowledge did have conversations with the higher ups at Pactiv. They had their minds made up to shut this particular plant down, which was terrible to our Community and to the families that gave everything for that Company. Let's be happy for an expansion in our City, hopefully much more to come.....Have a great day...

straight shooter

And why shouldn't the Governor show up the State gave $300K for the Expansion and the City of Chippewa Falls showed up and they gave $200K to the project. The County Showed up and they gave $0....


So why did the state and the city give money to a company that is doing great? Because that's the Repub thing to do, throw money at big business that doesn't need it. Why not take that $300,000 and give it to 10 small businesses and help them before they go out of business? Because that's what the Dems would do. This was taxpayer money that was given, and not needed.


Its called corporate entitlement. They pay the workers crap. The workers get taxed. The taxes go back to the corporates.


The workers get paid well there. Just like any other place of business, the amount of pay is relative to the job you do. "The workers get taxed?" All workers get taxed. Did you know a peanut butter and jelly sandwich has peanut butter and jelly on it? Just thought I'd share some more "obviousness" with you.

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