An armed suspect died after being shot by an Eau Claire police officer Friday night.

According to police:

A vehicle pursuit began at 6:30 P.M. in Altoona and the chase continued into Eau Claire. The suspect's vehicle crashed in the Third Ward of the city and the suspect fled on foot. A short time after, there was a report of a home invasion in the area and the caller said the suspect was armed.

The suspect got another vehicle. After leaving the Third Ward that vehicle was seen by police, when a second chase started.

"The pursuit ended in the area of Culvers where an Eau Claire Police officer shot the armed suspect in the parking lot. The suspect was transported to a local hospital and did not survive his injuries," a police press release said.

The Wisconsin State Patrol and the state Division of Criminal Investigation will assist in investigating the incident.

Police are not releasing the name of the person who died, and police said they will not be answering questions about the shooting at this time.

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A great ending but there will be those who will criticize police for what they did. And if they let him get into a restaurant with a gun and take hostages and/or/kill someone, those same people would criticize the police for now shooting him sooner. Nice work by local law enforcement.


Right on gamparick.


A great ending?? you have a strange definition of great.

A great ending, would have been the man in custody. I know 20 Great cops and 3 bad ones-even the bad ones want bad guys in jail and not dead – your labeling of great-- reveals how value-less your opining truly is.

Jim Bob

Don't worry about it, People who feel compelled to be conspicuously "bloodthirsty" or macho often do that because when the times come to stand up or be in danger, they ain't got it. You don't want them in the "foxhole" with ya. Also in firearms training, it's the know-it-all swaggering ones who don't pay attention and perform poorly. Too busy posturing and thinking how tough they look. Happens every time. The EC cops are not at all like this mall cop Fanboy here, so shootings in EC are rare.


Better the loser being shot than an innocent civilian, I'd much rather pay a dollar for a bullet than keep this loser in jail for decades and pay tens of thousands of dollars to feed and house this vermin. You shoot at police, expect them to shoot back.


thewordofgreatness-- as of 8pm sunday evening there are no reports of shots fired beyond those of law enforcement and I for one certainly hope the police exercised more care and judgement upon their actions then you do with your thoughts and keyboard.

with very limited information you've already concluded -Victory for justice and all

i for one am a little concerned that 48hrs later-we dont have any additional details


There is no where any reports that the suspect fired on the police and what makes things worst is the fact that the witnesses still said that the suspect did not have a gun. How about you not only ready all the information but actually wait for all the official facts before making such comments!!


someone said You shoot at Police, expect them to shoot back. Maybe I missed something but I do not see in the article anywhere where it said the officer was being shot at and returned fire. I am not siding with this guy that got shot but lets not add things to the story that may not be true. Bottom line is a man is dead and that is not a good ending in my mind.

empire 2

8588, would you feel differently if it was your home he invaded and your vehicle he stole? I think then you would feel the cops did the correct thing


im curious if the person who reported the home invasion didnt inflate their complaint, I worry they inferred the man was armed when he may not have been, which thereby resulted in the police response assuming danger that may not necessarily have been accurate. im prepared to believe that the FB pages of Culver employees who say the man was on the ground without a gun may indeed be accurate, certainly would explain why theres been no additional information on the incident.


The guy is dead... Why is this situation shrouded in secrecy? Who was shot? Why was he shot? Who shot him? This information belongs in the public domain.

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