Kathy Bernier learned state politics during one of the most contentious legislative sessions in Wisconsin history. She weathered the firestorm over the passage of Act 10 both in Madison and back home in the 68th Assembly District.

Now the Republican from Lake Hallie is running for re-election in the Nov. 6 election. Her obvious depth of knowledge of the issues facing the state has earned her the Herald’s endorsement for her re-election.

Bernier said she wants to continue to work for creating jobs through the private sector. She calls for an investment in vocational education, saying that is the priority to fill open manufacturing jobs.

She is on less steady ground when she cites the unfettered growth of higher education by citing an example that the University of Wisconsin-Stout grew from 14 programs in 1988 to 44 programs currently. The university rightly noted the percentage of state aid it received in that span fell from over 40 percent to 13 percent.

But Bernier is right when she says the local school funding formula needs to be addressed as long as wealthy districts can afford to pay a teacher $70,000 while a poor one can pay $30,000.

Bernier’s Democratic opponent, Judy Smriga of Thorp, is thoroughly versed in education after spending 43 years in teaching, and brings great passion and enthusiasm for serving others.

But Bernier has a superior grasp of the state budget and will not have to be caught up to speed on other issues facing the state.

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We do not need anymoe ALEC representatives in OUR state government. Show Kathy the door. Vote for Judy Smirga and get rid of the Koch Brothers type "leadership"!!!


Kathy Bernier's two major accomplishments in her first term are as follows:

Act 10 - Removing collective bargaining from public employees
Voter ID - Aimed at limiting the accessibility of the ballot box to mostly poor and minority voters

Both accomplishments have since been ruled unconstitutional in a court of law. She claimed recently that her next term objective is to cut spending. The last biennial budget increased spending by $3 billion. This included massive cuts to public education while increasing spending on prisons year-over-year.

And the Herald has the sense to claim she has a grip on the numbers? Seriously? She cannot manage to stay with the bounds of constitutionality. Judy Smriga for 68th Assembly.

Interested Party
Interested Party

If you're looking for someone who'll toe the party line no matter what Kathy's your person. Myself, I'd like someone who at least asks questions before they vote as told. I'll be voting for Judy Smirga, she's not a party robot.

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