The Fill-Inn Restaurant in Chippewa Falls was the recipient of a little extra revenue last weekend as a result of a national movement.

National Cash Mob Day was Saturday, March 24, and many communities took part in the effort designed to give a lift to various businesses.

In Chippewa Falls, the Chamber of Commerce picked up the torch and organized an outing, with the Fill-Inn being chosen as the site of its first effort.

Locally, the goal was to show support of a locally-owned Chamber member business that has less than 20 employees. The Chamber then encouraged members and non-members alike to show up and spend between $5 and $20 and meet three strangers “and have fun.”

Allyson Gommer said about eight people showed up at the Fill-Inn that Saturday afternoon, and she was encouraged by the response considering it was their first attempt.

“We are going to give it a try again in a couple of weeks,” she said, noting they will try something during a weekday, perhaps a breakfast spot or an after-work location.

“It’s another reminder to get out and spend your money at a local business. Whether it’s $10 or $100 or $1,000, it’s money that wouldn’t have been there otherwise,” Gommer said.

The national Cash Mob movement is a takeoff on the Flash Mob phenomenon that had people tweeting a location and then showing up and performing a choreographed dance. ...

A movie sequel

The Chippewa Falls natives behind “The Illegal Use of Joe Zopp,” will have another film that will be shown April 20 at the Wisconsin Film Festival in Madison.

“The Entertainers” is a documentary co-produced by Derek Keyeski, Seth Hedrington, Paul Hogseth and Nick Holle. The film features six piano players participating in the 2009 World Championship Old-Time Piano Playing Contest.

Holle co-directed the film with Michael Zimmer of Los Angeles. Keyeski was the film’s cinematographer. Tickets for the film festival went on sale Saturday.

On the rebound

Glenn Seyforth had a tough 2011. A pair of heart attacks made it impossible for the local photographer to cover the Indianapolis 500 and the Brickyard 400 at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, something he’s been doing for the Herald since the 1970s.

Seyforth has been going to Indy for much longer than that, stretching back to the ‘40s. And he’s on target to return this year.

The Town of Lafayette man looks fitter and trimmer than ever, having shed a lot of weight, and is looking forward to returning to Indy to cover the big race if everything works out as he expects. ...

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How will you vote?

It’s an unscientific poll and there were no geographical restrictions in place to limit voting to those within the Bloomer school district, but the response to it doesn’t bode well for the district’s referendum Tuesday.

The Herald’s website,, asked people: “How would you vote on Bloomer’s $17.5 million referendum for a new elementary school?”

Of the 942 responses, 49 percent said no.

Another 34 percent said yes, 9 percent didn’t care and 8 percent were undecided.

In a couple of days we will find out the only results that truly matter, and that is the actual vote total on the referendum question.

This week’s poll question on asks: “Do you buy ‘finely textured beef’ with so-called ‘pink slime’ added?


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