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Divisiveness, lack of Christian values on display

The article on area voters (Sunday’s Herald) was interesting. Didn’t Mr. Ewer find the rhetoric divisive? Does he think Donald Trump has Christian values?

He states that churches will have a place in politics. He apparently didn’t listen to the same rallies that I did. Yes, the rhetoric was very divisive.

I didn’t realize Jesus hated the poor, was against helping the sick, believed that amassing riches just for yourself and not to help those in need were all good things. I guess the Jesus I was taught about that stood for the exact opposite of Trump’s beliefs has changed over the decades.

Since Christ was born in the Middle East and was not white, he would not be welcome in Trump’s America.

I guess Mr. Ewer doesn’t support the Constitution, in that the Founding Fathers were against churches being involved in the government. The founders were well aware of the problems that would occur if that happens. That is why the very first sentence in the First Amendment states, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.”

Yes, there is more to the sentence, but the point of the quote is about keeping the government free of church interference.

I know that Trump won the electoral vote. However everyone needs to understand that electoral delegates are not beholden to vote for the electoral victor. If they believe that the winner would be a bad choice or would create a demagoguery, they can overturn the election and give it to the other candidate.

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Would it be legal and constitutional? The answer is yes. Wouldn’t that make an interesting decision? I wonder if Republicans would still be calling for peaceful and non-violent acceptance? I wonder if they would still claim that they support the Constitution?

I hope our country doesn’t sustain lasting harm. Good luck America. You’re gonna need it.

Arthur Butcher,

Chippewa Falls


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