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Change needed in state politics

In a recent poll, 60 percent of people across the nation feel the country is “going in the wrong direction.” It is understandable that there is interest in a “change” election. Conservative media outlets (including the press, TV and talk radio and social media) have continued to lay the blame for this dissatisfaction on Obama and his administration. A closer look will paint a different picture.

Obama has an approval rating over 50 percent, not only unusual for a president in the last quarter of a second term, but higher than that of previous presidents of either party in recent history.

Yet at the same time, state legislatures and the governor’s mansions — including in Wisconsin — are and have been controlled by Republicans in 60 percent of the states. Again, as in Wisconsin, there was a promise to put a “laser focus on the economy and job creation.” (You might remember Scott Walker’s disastrously failed promise to bring 250,000 jobs to the state.)

Instead of improving the economy for all of us, however, the goals and agendas switched immediately to gutting education funding and environmental protections, implementing targeted voter restrictions and closing women’s health clinics (classic bait and switch). Some of these regressive laws have already been overturned by the courts as unconstitutional.

At minimum, these regressive measures have been a waste of time and taxpayers’ money, while Wisconsin remains in the bottom third of all states in job creation.

Wisconsin will suffer for many years as a result of the laws enacted by Walker and his legislature. Other than for the already well-off, the governor’s stated strategy to “divide and conquer” has resulted in very few residents being better off or proud of those changes.

For a brighter future for all Wisconsinites who share the values of a quality education, clean air and water, clean government, voters’ rights and access to affordable health care, we have to look at the state level and make some changes there to stop the bleeding.

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Barb Wise,

Chippewa Falls


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