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A news report a few weeks ago predicted gas prices could start to move up. So far they’ve remained pretty stable, and locally have gone down. Which is good news.

Something that’s not getting any news coverage is that apparently the cost of blinker fluid must be rising, as there are a lot of drivers reluctant to use their signal lights. This is based on strictly anecdotal information and not scientific.

When I went through driver's ed, which was some time ago, we were told you turn on your signal light before you apply the brakes. Doing it the other way around, it’s too late to signal.

You stop at a stop sign and “look left, then right, then left,” and if a vehicle is coming from the left, you wait. Just as the oncoming vehicle gets to the intersection, it slows and the signal light comes on as it makes the right turn, apparently saving on blinker fluid.

One of my favorites is when you come to a four-way stop and there is a car directly across from you. Based on no signal lights, it appears you’re both going straight, so you proceed. As you enter the intersection, the oncoming car starts to turn left and you both stop and look at each other.

Then there’s the quick lane change when the signal light comes on briefly after the lane change has been made.

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I don’t know if any government or private entity is doing any investigation into this, but I hope for safety reasons that blinker fluid prices will follow gasoline and stabilize.

Bill Musser,

Chippewa Falls


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