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Let's protect American ideals

Four years of the Trump Administration frightens me. I assume too many apolitical Americans were tired of eight years of gridlock by our federal government and felt any change would be an improvement. It’s not. At present, many Americans fear deportation and broken families. Others mistrust and misbelieve what the president says. Already many of the president's early cabinet appointees have threatened our public school system, the environment and climate change, and our relationship with foreign partners.

Our country's First Amendment assures Americans of freedom of speech, religion and the press. President Trump claims our press is biased and cannot be believed. This is not true. Most reporters report the best unbiased facts or information available.

President Trump has banned the immigration of immigrants from seven (now six) Muslim nations on the premise that many immigrants may be terrorists. Americans shooting Americans with assault rifles, automatic weapons or handguns are our main means of manslaughter.

Our country’s 2nd Amendment, drafted in 1789, was designed for loyal colonists using their personal weapons to defend our new nation. Our government has never threatened to take away our hunting and sporting arms.

Many Mexican immigrants work at menial jobs in the U.S.; hard work growing and harvesting vegetable or fruit crops or milking cows. These are jobs many American laborers avoid. Without Mexican labor, Wisconsin would not be a major U.S. milk and cheese producer.

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I hope leaders in the U.S. House of Representatives, especially Paul Ryan and Nancy Pelosi, would unite all members of the House into one unit, regardless of political party or political beliefs and take strong measures to preserve American ideals. To me, this means sharing our country’s wealth, conserving our resources, cooperating with other nations on global warming, welcoming immigrants and refugees, aiding our public schools and universities, helping the poor and elderly, along with providing health insurance for all. Above all, we need to curtail worldwide nuclear proliferation and avoid getting American troops involved into another quagmire war.

Calvin E. Kraemer

Chippewa Falls


Chippewa Herald editor

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