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Thanks to the Chippewa Herald, Heyde Center, and the American Association of University Women for putting together the candidate forum Oct. 10. This type of setting is very worthwhile to attend, as it gives "us," the audience, an opportunity to hear both candidates for the 67th and 68th Assembly districts.

Prior to the event, people could send in questions, and many were used. I wish to focus on a couple of issues.

Education is a priority for many in the Chippewa Valley. As you know, $2 billion has been cut from public education in the past five years.

Mr. White (candidate for 68th District) is well aware of the broken school funding formula, difficulty in finding teachers, numerous referendums needed, and the fact the current legislators haven’t held any hearings to discuss these issues. He recognizes the need for a voice in Madison. He realizes that to have skilled workers to fill positions that employers are looking for, education is needed.

Dark money and lack of transparency were discussed during the 67th candidate session. Rob Summerfield stated, “It’s reality, it is what it is.” Dennis Hunt was clear that dark money has destroyed our state. When people can send out false attack ads and not even "claim" responsibility, it sheds a dark day on the election process.

Citizens’ United has made our campaigns about more money instead of facts. If a candidate finds a couple of big donors, they can funnel practically unlimited sums of money through "independent" organizations without the donations being publicly disclosed. That reeks of corruption. Yes, campaigns need money; but we need to be upfront about who is donating.

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Dennis Hunt (candidate for 67th) and Howard White (candidate for 68th) were precise, knowledgeable, have a history of community service and know the issues. They would definitely carry our voice to Madison.

Carolyn Kaiser

Elk Mound


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