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GOP changes tune on Medicare, Social Security

So here we are, a little more than 10 days after the election and we are now finding out what our newly elected and re-elected representatives have in mind for us.

Donald Trump, Ron Johnson and Congressman Sean Duffy all ran and said they would support Medicare and Social Security. Only now that the votes have been totaled, they are changing their tunes.

The Republican Party (in the form of Paul Ryan) has now come out with a “new” plan for Medicare and Social Security. They basically want to either gut the programs, or greatly reduce the benefits.

How did we let these guys get away with this again? The Republican Party has wanted to defund or destroy Social Security and Medicare for years — and yet, we once again gave our votes to the GOP. When are senior citizens in the Chippewa Valley going to get wise and stop voting against their own self interests?

I urge all seniors to get on the phone or send emails to Duffy and Johnson warning them that if they touch these vital programs, they do so at their own peril. Also, seniors should start calling the national AARP and ask why this organization that is supposed to represent senior citizens is not absolutely screaming about these proposed “reforms.”

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Please get active now, before it is too late. Enough is enough.

Don Lyons,

Chippewa Falls


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