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No one who knows me will be surprised that I will not be voting for Republicans in the upcoming election. Except for two they are not evil people, they just are not compatible with my beliefs.

Yes, they are going around right now saying they support local control, education, road building and infrastructure repairs, but when they get back to Madison (if they do) this is what will happen:

They will continue to restrict a woman’s reproductive rights; they will continue to take away local control; they will try and restrict voting rights; and, of course, any new taxes to pay for infrastructure and roads are out of the question.

The Republicans will continue to attack unions and impose even more strict right-to-work laws. They will leave the fire and police unions alone, but they will continue to smack teachers and the schools around, including more schemes for voucher schools. Gays? Heaven forbid.

The Republicans, through word and deed both on the state and national level, have come to believe that they are the only party with the right to govern. They have effectively gerrymandered districts to ensure that Republicans have safe seats. That is why in Wisconsin there were more Democratic votes cast than Republicans in the last statewide elections, yet the Democrats still have a minority in the state Assembly and Senate.

The Republicans will continue with the above wedge issues because they cannot help themselves. They are easily distracted by the next new right-wing political bubble because that is far easier than governing.

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And as to Ms. Bernier proclaiming her independence from the party line and Robin Voss, the Assembly majority leader, a reminder to her from the public record: Ms. Bernier voted the party line 97.5 percent of the time.

John Andersen,

Lake Hallie


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