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FILE -- letter to the editor

Diving right back

into politics

Recently the wife and I were out of state on a trip to view some national parks. Outside of watching the first presidential debate, we were isolated from the constant barrage of political junk. How refreshing was that? So when we got back to Wisconsin we had a chance to take a fresh approach on the statements and ads of those who want to lead our country.

Let’s start with Sen. Ron Johnson. An ad claimed that Russ Feingold sat back and did nothing about the Tomah Veterans Affairs mess. Feingold pointed out during the debate that he wasn’t in office. Oops! Slight mistake there. Another ad accuses Feingold of breaking a 1990 pledge to not take out-of-state money to help fund his campaign. True, he said that, before the Supreme Court changed everything by passing Citizens United. The Johnson campaign at the present time is getting five times more out-of-state money than Feingold, but that’s OK.

Speaking of the Supreme Court, the GOP says Hillary Clinton’s appointees will legislate from the bench. Can’t do that apparently. Well the present court has said money is speech, corporations are people. There is a difference between a legal person (old definition) and corporations are people (new definition).

Can’t quit this gripe fest without taking aim at the Donald. As every Republican believes and Donald does also, cutting taxes helps everyone. In spite of evidence to the contrary, the GOP keeps spouting this falsehood.

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A nice person recently cited Ronald Reagan as proof. Sorry, Ronnie stimulated the economy by big-time deficits and even raised some taxes (gasp). Like Harry Truman said: “If you want to feed the birds, give more oats to the horse.”

Finally our good governor, Scott Walker: He wouldn’t take federal money for light rail or money for Medicaid, but he will take federal disaster money. Is that fair?

John S. Fadness, Chippewa Falls


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