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Democrats taking away Catholics’ freedoms

As a Catholic and a taxpaying citizen of the United States of America, I cannot support a candidate or a political party that stands in opposition to the fundamental freedoms provided by the First Amendment of the Constitution.

The current Democratic Administration is in the process of taking away the freedom of religion and the rights of Catholics to practice their faith. As Catholics, we need to be guided by our moral convictions, not by our attachment to a political party or special interest group.

Most Catholics of today grew up as Democrats and are therefore entrenched into the good Democratic ideas of the past. They cannot however, see or admit that the current Democratic Party is taking away our freedoms. These people refuse to vote for anything but the Democratic Party, regardless of how immoral Democratic policies may be.

I say that even if the Republican Party is not perfect and has many flaws, at least their platform and candidates are strongly supportive of God as well as our individual and religious freedoms. Also, Republicans do not support intrinsic evils such as abortion.

A number of Catholics today go to church on weekends and holy days, listen to what the priest has to say, go to communion and then leave everything at the door. There are too many of these cafeteria or lax Catholics who only practice those parts of their faith which are convenient to their lifestyle. They have the attitude to go along so they can get along.

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In general, a high number of today’s voters are uninformed and unaware of the agenda of current Democratic Administration policies. The Catholic religion is not the only one under siege. All people of faith will be severely affected.

It is time for all Catholics and people of faith to set aside their old entrenched political ideas and vote to stop the assaults on our freedoms. Hope and change is a failure over these past four years. It is time for a change.

Richard Anderl,

Chippewa Falls


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