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A difference between a republic and a democracy

To the person from Cornell who wrote the letter to the editor in the Dec. 14 Herald (“Trump victory shows Electoral College’s failings”): It seems that we are deeply lacking the ability to educate our young citizens on exactly how our government is structured. This is something that is taught in grade school to our young students.

The United States of America is a republic and evidently this person has failed to grasp the difference between a republic and a democracy. This difference between the two being that a charter or constitution limits power in a republic, often to protect the individual’s rights against the desires of the majority.

In a true democracy, the majority rules in all cases, regardless of any consequences for individuals or for those who are not in the majority on an issue.

Mr. Trump will be president of all Americans. Sure, I was disappointed when Mr. Obama won, both in 2008 and 2102, but did I sit and rant and rave, or throw temper tantrums like the liberals are doing today? I did not. But I did wish Mr. Obama the best and hoped that he would be a decent president (which has proven not to be in my opinion).

In addition, the person from Cornell states many things about who Mr. Trump is. Does she know him personally? I doubt it. I’m sure that whatever information has been obtained about Mr. Trump has been what the mainstream media wanted her to hear.

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All people have skeletons in their closets, and Mr. Trump is no exception. Obviously this person is a Clinton supporter and regardless of how many popular votes she has won (due mainly to large population centers being Democratic like New York and California), I’m glad that my vote made a difference and was heard through the Electoral College.

William Rank,



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