Given the state’s boom in frac sand mining and processing, the state Department of Natural Resources would like to add two staff members to help monitor air quality.

In its biennial budget request, the DNR requested two additional Air Program staff to work on compliance and permitting at frac sand and other mining sites around the state.

“We understand the growing concern for environmental protection as this industry continues to expand,” DNR Secretary Cathy Stepp said.

Tom Woletz, the agency’s frac sand expert, said the state and local governments have been working on management issues, such as air and water quality as well as post-mine reclamation, which are performed by counties with DNR oversight.

“We’re also working with the newly formed Wisconsin Industrial Sand Association,” Woletz said.

WISA is a group of frac sand companies in the state that will help set ethics standards and best practices for the industry.

“By engaging this organization, along with other groups and the general public, we hope to keep an open dialogue that helps us provide the best management possible for the protection of our state’s public health and the environment,” Woletz added.

Chippewa County has at least nine existing or proposed frac sand sites.

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Jim Bob

Great! An official Whitewash and Data-Altering Group! Funded by Tax dollars! Yaaaay!
Because profit-hungry companies can be trusted (look up Texas Brine) and "self-policing" works JUST GREAT, no one ever suffers and the environment is never ruined Never. (look up Bayou Corne). Nope, doesn't happen. Yay Progress! This sure is a Stepp in the right direction. I love it when Big Government helps Big Oil. So inspiring.


Um, somewhere, Rod mentioned something about staying on topic, this is a babbling load of pablum with no clue as to its direction. The DNR is the only agency that is charged with air monitoring, enough with all the enovironmental disaster garbage. Get used to sand mining, its here to stay for a very long time.


Well, everyone says sand mining creates jobs...


These positions will be good.

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