Gun Shop Theft Wisconsin

Hours after Joseph Jakubowski was captured on top of a bluff in Vernon County in April, Rock County Sheriff Bob answered questions about the guns that Jakubowski allegedly stole that were still missing after his capture.

Angela Major, The Janesville Gazette

As the start of a federal court trial looms for a Janesville man who was the subject of a nationwide manhunt last spring after he burglarized a gun shop and wrote an anti-government manifesto, a law enforcement official isn’t optimistic that 13 stolen guns still missing will turn up.

Joseph Jakubowski, 33, was charged by a federal grand jury last April with stealing 18 firearms from Armageddon Supplies in Janesville, including two powerful assault rifles, a handgun that can fire armor-piercing ammunition and another that can be turned into an assault rifle.

He also was charged with stealing two silencers.

Four handguns and one of the rifles were found when Jakubowski was captured at a campsite on a bluff in Vernon County on April 14, but none of the missing or recovered firearms has been further identified.

Rock County Sheriff Bob Spoden thinks Jakubowski sold the firearms that are missing while he was eluding authorities for 10 days.

The guns that are missing, “are long gone,” Spoden said. “They are scattered to the wind.”

Jakubowski is scheduled to stand trial beginning Sept. 25 in U.S. District Court in Madison on federal charges that he stole firearms and, as a felon, unlawfully possessed them.

He was not charged for mailing a handwritten, 161-page, anti-government manifesto to President Donald Trump that some deemed as threatening and led area schools, public buildings and churches to close during the manhunt.

He also is scheduled to stand trial in October in Rock County Circuit Court on three felony charges stemming from the burglary and manifesto.

Jakubowski has said since his capture that he did not plan to harm the public after he stole the guns and went into hiding. He told at least one person that he “wanted to get off the grid” and disappear, and blamed the media for creating panic.

Also, in an apology letter to the gun store’s owner that he never sent, Jakubowski wrote that he wanted to buy the guns but couldn’t because the law doesn’t allow felons to buy guns.

An indictment handed down by the grand jury on April 19 listed all of the firearms that it alleged Jakubowski stole from Armageddon Supplies on April 4.

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An unofficial survey of gunshop websites showed the total retail value of the stolen guns at over $11,000.

The survey also showed that many of the guns Jakubowski was charged with stealing were compact, customizable, easy to change ammunition and very powerful.

He also stole a popular knockoff of the M-16 rifle used by American soldiers during the Vietnam War.

The most expensive items listed in the indictment included a IWI Tavor X95 bullpup-style assault rifle that cost about $2,000 on some websites, a Belgian-made 5.7 mm Five Sevenhandgun made in Belgium that sells for around $1,300 and can fire armor-piercing ammunition, and a Palmetto State Armor 9 mm pistol that can be turned into an assault rifle that is worth around $650.

Other handguns that the indictment listed as stolen by Jakubowski included two 9 mm Glocks, one .45-caliber Glock, three .22-caliber long-range Rugers, two .45-caliber Smith and Wessons, two 9 mm FMKs, one .45-caliber Desert Eagle, a 9 mm Beretta, a Taurus .357 magnum and a .22-caliber Walther.

Jakubowski told authorities right after his capture that he walked to Vernon County after he burglarized the gun shop and then burned his car, according to Spoden. Jakuwboski later claimed that he got a ride but didn’t know the driver.

“My theory is that he swapped or sold the guns for rides. I do believe other people were involved, but he hasn’t come forward to identify them,” Spoden said.


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