Enough with Foxconn corporate welfare

The people of Wisconsin can now see the danger of complete one-party rule with the recent actions of Republican approval of taxpayer dollars being funneled into more giveaways to the suspect Foxconn development project.

The well-publicized $300 billion taxpayer boondoogle was bad enough, but now the Republicans have seen fit to add to Wisconsin's state budget misery by siphoning off another $134 million from the highway budget for the Foxconn folks, this time by declaring that county roads adjacent to the planned Racine County development will hence be designated as state roads, and their improvements will therefore be paid for from existing state highway funds.

When will this madness stop?

These state highway funds are needed for other vital road and bridge projects throughout the state. In Chippewa County for instance, a plan to widen the intersection of County Routes Q and S has come under some criticism because of safety factors. Tilden Township officials support the construction of a much safer roundabout, but were told that it would be too expensive.

This county intersection has a high incident of accidents — some fatal — and putting a four-lane passing area there would only add to the accident rate. But state officials say there is no money to make Chippewa County roads safer; only money to improve roads for the Republicans' new best friends at Foxconn.

There are only two questions to ask on this issue.

What is wrong with this picture? And how long will people of this state put up with complete one-party rule?

Don Lyons

Chippewa Falls


Chippewa Herald editor

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First cost is the wrong way to compare projects. It would be like buying a car without knowing the fuel economy or safety of the thing, just its price to buy.

Present Value Life Cycle Cost Analysis (LCCA) is the best way to compare two or more choices. When comparing modern roundabouts to signals for a 20-year life cycle (the standard period), modern roundabouts usually cost less. Costs to compare include: first cost (design/land/construction), operation and maintenance (electricity, re-striping, upgrades, etc.), crash reduction (what’s your/your family’s safety worth?), daily delay (what’s your time worth?), daily fuel consumption (spend much on gas?), point source pollution (generated by stopped vehicles = health cost), area insurance rates (this costs more where it is less safe to drive). Each of these things, and others, can be estimated for any two choices and everyone near or using the project area will pay some portion of all of these costs (and also gain benefits).

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