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Out-of-state money

trying to buy votes

With increasing frequency, Wisconsinites are being bombarded by a false flag TV ad concerning the Tomah VA and Sen. Tammy Baldwin. You’ve probably seen them. They wrongly accuse Baldwin of a turning a blind eye about opioids at the VA. This ad was created by a professional ad group in Washington and pretty much made up out of whole cloth.

The one important thing people should realize is that: Number one, these ads are wrong; and number two, they are paid for by out-of-state money — namely the billionaire Koch brothers from Kansas.

Every time you see these ads, you are being targeted by an out-of-state, made-up “veterans” group that is only interested in muddying the waters of the November Senate election. The Koch brothers never have lived in Wisconsin, don’t care about Wisconsin and have no idea of the issues important to the average Wisconsin voter.

Why are they doing this? The simple answer is that these billionaires who fight against the average worker; fight against decent wages; fight against voter and worker rights, are simply terrified of Democrat Tammy Baldwin. She represents everything that they are fighting against — and have indicated they are wiling to spend an estimated $400 million to defeat Democrats who fight for the average person — and not the richest one percent of this nation.

So the next time you see one of these anti-Baldwin VA ads, ask yourself if you really want these Kansas rich guys to brainwash you and buy your vote. Ask yourself why they fear Tammy Baldwin in the U.S. Senate. Don’t let them buy your vote.

Don Lyons

Chippewa Falls


Chippewa Herald editor

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