Rafael Gaglianone

Wisconsin Badgers place kicker Rafael Gaglianone (27) and holder Connor Allen (90) celebrate an extra point during the third quarter of the Badgers' 38-14 win over the Iowa Hawkeyes on Saturday at Camp Randall Stadium in Madison.


Wisconsin State Journal reporter Jason Galloway collected some of the best tweets from the Wisconsin Badgers' 38-14 victory over the Iowa Hawkeyes on Saturday at Camp Randall Stadium in Madison.

Here's what fans were saying on Twitter on Saturday:

“Hornibrook INT? Check. Taylor fumble? Check. Great defense? Check. Enough for 10-0? Check."

— University and State (@UnivAndState)

“Was this the single most dominant defensive performance in Badgers history? W-O-W!"

— wisconsinsane (@wisconsinsane)

“Best win of the year. Defense is elite and frankly it doesn’t matter how our offense plays, that D will keep us in every single game."

— Matthew B. Anderson (@mbanderson83)

“If I was the Badger D, I would be mad, no shut-out."

— E Man Farness (@LuckydogEman)

“Pick-sixes aside, an absolute battering."

— Tom Kahl (@Tomaskahl)

“Look out Lameis, we gotta whole buffet of WWWWWWWWWW for you. #OnWisconsin”

— Dan D. (@One_Punch_Dan)

“Badger may not get to the CFB Championship but that is definitely a championship defense."

— Russ Evansen (@waunaruss)

“Good win, great defense, could use a little more consistency on offense, but bottom line 10-0 and we still have a chance!"

— Derek Heimerl (@dheims09)

“Crazy fun to watch that defense dominate!"

— David Roelke (@DavidRoelke)

“The defense and run game balled out. Need to take care of the turnovers. Especially against better competition."

— Zach Stratton (@Zach_Stratton29)

“Can someone teach #12 to be more decisive?"

— Snarky Moose (@s2000_moose)

“Same as always. Lost years from my life overall. Cringed every time UW dropped back to pass and cackled like a maniac watching the championship-worthy defense."

— Paul Kilgas (@PaulKilgas)

“Dominating D. Solid win but need to stop turning the ball over. Don’t let Hornibrook throw short passes to the boundary."

— Brian Logan (@BrianLogan12)

“1.32 yards per play while giving up 4 turnovers. Nuff said."

— Bryan Kayl (@kayl_bryan)

“Thought Iowa was due for a down performance after last wk but wow did UW play lights out on D and very well on O (except for the turnovers). I’m so happy for the team and coach. Despite all the injuries, they kicked (butt)."

— Jeff Grabowski (@Brewcitygymratt)

“Defensive totally dominated, offense put up points, but TO’s & penalties slowed them down. Look out when we play a clean game and protect the ball. Big win today #Badgers"

— Marty Steindl (@M_Steindl)

“Crazy anxiety whenever we have to throw but defense was story of the game. Offense has to get out of their own way and this would have been a shutout. Young WRs stepped up big. Danny Davis and Pryor were fun to watch! #OnWisconsin"

— Jeremy Wojtecki (@jwojPAC)

“Survive and advance."

— Justin Lepinski (@JustinLepinski)

“Defense is a force. 0/13 on 3rd downs, 0 points. Hornibrook needs to keep better care of football. Dominant win."

— Spoosh (@Spooshuw)

“Hornibrook is going to lose us a game."

— Michael Eberle (@ebo245)

“Suffocating defense, domination of the 4th quarter, and Hornibrook INTs (unfortunately) are all becoming routine for this #Badgers team."

— Chris Birke (@chris_birke)

Danny Davis

Wisconsin Badgers wide receiver Danny Davis III (6) breaks a tackle by Iowa Hawkeyes linebacker Josey Jewell (43) on a first-down catch during the first quarter of the Badgers' 38-14 win over the Iowa Hawkeyes on Saturday at Camp Randall Stadium in Madison.

“Receivers really stepped up today. Made some plays. Too many turnovers for QB1 and RB1. And defense was dominant. Wish that was also the case on Sundays."

— Todd Larson (@todoubledog)

“Really good team, just a QB away from being special."

— Craig Kanas (@o2b1cmk)

“Happy to hear the Camp alive and well against quality Big Ten team."

— Noah Ballweg (@NoahBagoa)

“Typical Badger game this year. Dig a hole and let the defense dig them out!"

— Rich Hellenbrand (@RichE66)


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