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New Studies Link Hearing Loss to Several Medical Problems
Research Shows Importance of Early Detection
-Chicago, IL


ew research now connects hearing loss to
a wide assortment of health issues. These
findings appear to indicate that hearing loss, a
condition currently untreated in about 85% of
those affected, may, in fact, be the nation’s most
damaging and costly sensory concern.
Untreated Hearing Loss
Could Put You at Risk
A recent national study found that Many Everyday Illnesses
individuals who neglect or ignore hearing Can Harm Hearing
loss put themselves at greater danger for Scientific findings now point to an extensive
list of common medical conditions - from
high blood pressure and diabetes to measles
and chicken pox - as potential causes for
hearing damage. Even more surprisingly,
a list of over 200 medications, including
common antibiotics, allergy drugs and even
aspirin - can result in permanent or shortterm hearing loss.

a broad range of physical, cognitive and
emotional problems, including dementia,
depression, irritability and balance
issues. Even mild hearing loss was shown
to triple the chance of falls, especially
among older adults.

A Simple Hearing Screening- Your First
Line of Defense
“With so much evidence emerging on the
potential link between hearing loss and
various illnesses and medications, it becomes
all the more pressing for people to identify
and address hearing loss early on.” says Dr.
Sergei Kochkin, executive director of the
Better Hearing Institute (BHI).Treating
hearing loss at its onset can slow, or even
stop, its progression, along with many
serious physical and psychological illnesses.

That is why experts urge anyone over
50 to make hearing screenings a
routine part of their medical care. It
is also recommended that before starting
any medication, a licensed hearing care
professional should establish a baseline
record of an individual’s hearing, in order
to track potential changes over time.
Good News-Today’s Hearing Aids are
Incredibly Effective
For people diagnosed with a hearing loss,
recent breakthroughs in design and sound
processing have enabled today’s hearing
aids to be extremely small, and offer a
remarkably natural listening experience.
Modern hearing aids actually know how
to prioritize what
wearers need to
hear, and how
to suppress, or
block, extraneous
New hearing aids are so
small,they practically
vanish to the ear

Are You Hard of Hearing?


A major name brand hearing aid provider wishes to field-test a remarkable new hearing
instrument in the area. This offer is free of charge and you are under no obligation.

The revolutionary 100% Digital Instruments use the latest technology to comfortably
and almost invisibly help you hear more clearly. This technology solves the “stopped
up ears”, “head in barrel” sensation some people experience, and has been clinically
demonstrated to improve hearing in noisy environments.

If you wish to participate, you will be required to have your hearing tested in our office
FREE OF CHARGE to determine candidacy.

There is no fee whatsoever for participation in this field test. Special testing will be
done to determine the increased benefits of this technology. Benefits of hearing aids
vary by type and degree of hearing loss, noisy environment, accuracy of hearing test,
and proper fit. This is a wonderful opportunity to determine if hearing help is available
for your hearing loss while you evaluate your performance with this technology.

Hearing tests available for 5 days only!

January 14-18, 2019
Call Today -Appointments are limited!

Beltone Hearing is NOW Offering...

• Hearing aids at NO COST to federal workers and retirees!
• That’s Right.. No Co-Pay! No Exam Fee! No Adjustment Fee!

The Blue Cross and Blue Shield Federal Employee Program pays the total cost
of 2 Ally-3 hearing aids. Most Federal Government employees and retirees
are eligible. You may even be covered if you have other non-federal insurance
coverage. Special factory pricing available for non-qualifiers.
Does your BCBS card look like this? If so, CALL TODAY!
We are providers for Blue Cross Blue Shield, Mayo Clinic Health Solutions, EPIC, HearUSA,
AARP, Hearing Care Solutions, and many others. We meet and/or exceed most insurance and
discount benefit programs like Gundersen Lutheran Senior Preferred, Humana, United Health
Care, Health Traditions, Silver Plans, Medicare Advantage, and prescription drug plans.

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