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Thank You!!!!!

Local Community Resources

Logan Football Team Set up

265 Shoes for Students

he Northside Neighborhood Family Celebration that took place at
Trinity on August 13, 2018 was a huge success!! The neighborhood
celebrated with great food, fun activities and live music. Over 265
students received back to school shoes and community resource
groups connected with hundreds of neighbors. A great time was had
by all. The picnic served over 750 guests a meal provided by Pogreba,
Kwik Trip and the Sweet Shop. We sincerely thank the Trinity family,
Onalaska First Lutheran and The La Crosse Family Collaborative for
the role you played in making this happen! A special thank you to
the amazing volunteers and persons who donated their time and hard
work, as well as our sponsors who were the foundation of the picnics

Thank you to our 2018 Sponsors
Trinity Endowment Fund • La Crosse Family Area Family
Collaborative • Pogreba • Trinity Congregation • Onalaska
First Lutheran Teen Clothes Closet • Kwik Trip • Sweet
Shop • Mike Collins • Moon Chicken • Logan Football Team
• Thrivent • Pat and Bonnie Korish • Franke Foundation
• Jane Ruud Ayalin • Northside Business Association
• Gene and Pat Rochester • T Jo’s • Onalaska American Legion
• Kwik Cuts Lawn Care Service • Northside Neighborhood
Association • Dalco • Rough Riders • Northside Elementary School
• Loggers


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