Details for Easter Angels Chipp Herald 2019

2019 Easter Angels
Show that sweet SOMEBUNNY you love
them With an Easter Ad Featured in the
Chippewa Herald on Saturday, April 20!
Sunday, April 21!

Sample Child 1

Easter 2019
Love, Mommy &

Deadline is noon, Tuesday, April 16th
2x2 $30.00, 2x4 $50.00

SAMPLE Single Child Ad

(Actual size is 3.22” w x 2” d)

To submit, email
(photos must be under 2MB) or mail the
coupon below to: La Crosse Tribune, Attn:
Classifieds, PO Box 0865, La Crosse, WI
54602-0865 (photos will be returned).
Any questions, please call 877-785-4355
Mon.-Fri. 8am-5pm.

Sample Child 1, Child 2,

Easter 2019

SAMPLE Multi Children Ad
(Actual size is 3.22” w x 4” d)

Love, Grammy & Gramps

2019 Easter Angels - Chippewa Herald

Ad should read:

Child’s Name: ____________________________________________________Age: _______________
Loved by: _________________________________________________________________________
Also please provide the following information & signature:
Your Name: ________________________________________________________________________
Address: __________________________________________________________________________
City: _____________________________________State: ___________________________________
Zip: ______________________________________________________________________________
Daytime Phone: (____________)________________________________________________________
Signature: _________________________________________________________________________
Card: #__________________________________Expiration: _________________________________
Signature: _____________________________________Verification Code: ______________________


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