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Know Your

There are six Medicare Advantage
Plans; find the one that works best for
your specific situation
By Brandon Thorsness
If you
are age 65
or older,
the term
Plan” is
one you’ve
heard many times. Since
there are six different types
of Medicare Advantage
Plans, I’ll spare you the
exhaustive explanation
– there is undoubtedly a
better person than I to
provide that information!
Here’s a quick summary
of the program: Medicare
Advantage (also known as
Medicare Part C) allows
individuals with Medicare
Part A (hospital insurance)
and Part B (medical
insurance) to receive
benefits in an alternative
Medicare Advantage
Plans are offered by
private insurance
companies (contracted
with Medicare) to provide
at least the same level of
coverage that Medicare
Part A and Part B provide.

Though all plans
are associated with the
government-run Medicare
system, they are not all
created nor administered
equally. If you find
yourself interested in
signing up for a Medicare
Advantage Plan, the best
thing you can do is ask
friends, family, neighbors
or anyone else in your
circle of influence, who
can provide you with
honest feedback about
their experience under
their Advantage Plan.
Asking important
questions now about
coverage will mean you
aren’t finding the answers
out the hard way, while
undergoing some kind of
treatment, and learning
your coverage is less than
you feel you need.
Knowing what others
are experiencing will
help give you a better
understanding of what
questions you should be
asking before you pick a
plan that is right for you
and your needs

Brandon Thorsness is President of the
Chippewa Manor senior living campus. For
more information about Assisted Living,
Senior Apartments or Post-Hospital Rehab call
(715) 723-4437 or visit


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