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A Heart
for Caring

Compassion and putting others needs
first are among the key ingredients of a
servant’s heart
By Brandon Thorsness opportunities to see the

The month of
February is traditionally
filled with discussions
of healthy
(as it’s
and the
candy hearts that go
along with Valentines
Some might say both
are equally important!
There is, however,
another kind of heart
that doesn’t get the
same attention: the
“Servant’s Heart.”
While it may not receive
the same recognition, a
servant’s heart is what
largely defines the spirit
of someone who gives
of themselves, so that
others may benefit. In
the field of healthcare,
there are ample

servant heart in action.
The backbone of
any great healthcare
organization is tied
together by a team
of compassionate
caregivers, leading with
a cause greater than a
paycheck, and greater
than any title.
So this month, as you
hear many references
to various heart-shaped
this or that, consider
those special people in
your life who may have
the best heart of all - a
servant’s heart.
Take a moment to
reflect and say thanks or
just be grateful for those
who care enough to put
other’s needs at the top
of their priority list.

Brandon Thorsness is President of the
Chippewa Manor senior living campus. For
more information about Assisted Living, Senior
Apartments or Post-Hospital Rehab call (715)
723-4437 or visit


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